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right again

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eyenight posted 9/9/2013 01:59 AM

I finally conformed who key guy is dating. I had it figured out when he first started his avoiding me crap. But didnt have solid proof. He couldnt be honest with me. Glad I dodged that bullet. What a coward!!! My sister graduated with this girl shes book smart But the typical ditzy blonde no common sense. Now that I know i can fully move on. I realized I have to fully close one chapter before I fully can move on and put it past me. I dont hold ill feelings for key guy. He isnt for me i preach being honesty and not lying. He lied to me and made up this huge lie just so he didnt have to be the bad guy and dump me But I made him and he got mad because I called him on the lie when things ended. The more things that I see now the.more i realize it would of never worked between us. Hes got deep seeded issues. Not my problem.

tabitha95 posted 9/9/2013 15:17 PM

Each time I have a bad encounter with someone, I learn more about myself. That is something that I didn't know I would be experiencing again in my life.

Take this as an opportunity to really embrace what you want in a SO.

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