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He asked to have the dogs overnight

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erzulie posted 9/9/2013 12:30 PM

I know this is such a small issue compared to so, so many others. But it has me reeling in panic and anxiety.

We haven't talked yet, in person, he and I - but, he texted me a couple random things this morning, including wanting to have more visits with the dogs, and some overnights where they would go stay with him, too.

The thought alone has caused me to heave up my breakfast and cry uncontrollably.

Do I owe him that?

I don't want my doggies to go away ... right now they are my lifeline.


Random thoughts posted 9/9/2013 12:35 PM

Sorry this is causing you to have an anxiety heaves.

I say nope, don't let them go stay over night, he might keep them plus this is what happens when we do crappy things to our loves ones, there are repercussions for our actions and his is to be away from the furbabies.

woundedwidow posted 9/9/2013 13:06 PM

You're here for the second time because of his actions. Hell NO to his having the dogs overnight. You don't "owe" him anything. It's more than sufficient (and a damned sight more than I'd do) for him to have visits with the dogs at all.

Nature_Girl posted 9/9/2013 14:29 PM

Oh HELL no!

I know what I'm about to say is not how we animal lovers view our furbabies, but I think it has some legal accuracy: animals are not people like children, they are things just like property. Unless you both agree, I don't think you owe him the right to come visit your property. He doesn't get visitation, you don't make a parenting plan for things. I say this not to hurt you, I know what it is to deeply love your furry family members (I wanted to give one of our daughters a middle name which was the name of my beloved cat who had passed!). I'm saying this to bolster your sense that you probably cannot be forced to work out a visitation schedule.

Must Survive posted 9/9/2013 14:33 PM

No way. Plus get it written in the divorce that you "own" the dogs.

Keep possession. I think he is trying to see how you will react.

Undefinabl3 posted 9/9/2013 14:34 PM

NO...and i would talk to Tesla about WS's and dogs. He stole one of her dogs out of spit just to tick her off.

I am so sorry your furbabies are in the middle of this.

GabyBaby posted 9/9/2013 14:42 PM

NO...and i would talk to Tesla about WS's and dogs. He stole one of her dogs out of spit just to tick her off.

Ditto. If you agree to this, you may never see your dogs again.

Catwoman posted 9/9/2013 14:44 PM

People in hell want ice water, too.


Too_Trusting posted 9/9/2013 16:53 PM

Oh hell to the no! I agree with the others. My guess is that he would either NOT return them to you, or he's trying to use them as a way to get to YOU. And, as another poster said - he caused this mess, and now he has to live with the repercussions.


Mousse242 posted 9/9/2013 17:07 PM

I concur with everyone:

Hell NO to his having the dogs overnight. You don't "owe" him anything.

h0peless posted 9/9/2013 17:09 PM

Dogs are considered property, not children. Whoever has physical possession of them is likely to keep them. I still have my two today because I did not let her take them when she wanted to. Also, if you haven't filed, please make sure the fact that they are YOURS is written into the paperwork.

He abandoned them when he abandoned you. It isn't fair to you or the dogs but it certainly isn't unfair to him. It's a natural consequence of his actions.

gypsybird87 posted 9/9/2013 17:12 PM

Absolutely NOT!! He's proven to you he can't be trusted with your life, your love, your heart, your future... Why on earth does he think you should trust him - even briefly- with your most precious possessions?

When we were still finalizing things, XWH would come by the house when I was not home to pick up / drop off paperwork or other items. He had no access to the house but I went to nutty extremes closing blinds, blocking off doors etc, so that even if he circled the whole house he would be unable to even get a glimpse of my dog through the window. He will never lay eyes on my "baby" again!!

A Fierce Dog Mommy

tesla posted 9/9/2013 17:20 PM

No, no, no!!!!
They are part of the property settlement. DO NOT let him have either of them until you have something in writing. Get something in writing that they stay with you until you have a property settlement.
Get exclusive use of the house, that way, if he breaks in and steals an animal, you have recourse. Trust me on this. Not dealing with the animals in writing or having exclusive use of the house cost me a very special animal.

cantlivewithouth posted 9/9/2013 17:31 PM

I agree 100%. Do NOT let him have the dogs. My XH tried to pull this crap and I ended up taking the animals with me everywhere one day. I didn't want him to get them at all.

Dark Inertia posted 9/9/2013 18:21 PM

Unless you are OK with possibly no longer having custody of your dogs, then by all means... otherwise hell fucking nooo!!!

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doggiediva posted 9/9/2013 19:58 PM

I have to chime in and agree with everybody else..Heck no! Don't let him near your doggies without your being there! Make this legal and in writing! Otherwise he will use any access he has to your doggies as a way to get under your skin to manipulate, possibly threaten you into giving him what he wants...You will have no recourse if this happens unless or until you have everything in writing saying that the doggies and the house are exclusively yours which would make you eligible to get a restraining order if need be..

Abbondad posted 9/9/2013 20:12 PM

We have a 17 year old dog. We have had her since before we had children and she is adored. When my STBXWW left our family and our home, as far as I'm concerned she left our "other child" too. Plus she took an apartment that she knew did not permit pets.

So no. He does not get the dogs. He made a choice as did mine. Now your post is getting me angry over my situation! Oh, and for all her professed love for our dog, she rarely even asks about her. Typical.

PurpleRose posted 9/9/2013 20:38 PM

no, no, NO.

He lost the privelege of taking the pups when he walked out on you (and them). You can't trust a liar, and cheaters are liars, so don't trust that he will bring them back without something legal IN WRITING saying that they are your property.

And even then, just say no. Its just safer, especially if they are your lifeline right now!

momentintime posted 9/10/2013 01:23 AM

Are your dogs registered, and if so are they in your name or his? If yousr alone, no he doesn't get to visit the dogs let alone have them overnight. If he is the registered owner then he can press the issue, how hard depends on him. If they aren't registered, go down to the court house and register them in your name - ASAP.

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Ashland13 posted 9/10/2013 07:45 AM

I hope there's a way out of having your dogs go with WH.

I have an old cat and had worry that Nearly Exh would try to take her away from me like he did everything and everyone else. He didn't want the care, though.

ETA that this little old cat is frequently the only other life form who is with me for days at a time...I completely understand your protectiveness...often our pets also become our friends.

There is a relative I have who had it happen where the Ex tried to take her dog away, an expensive pure bread she paid a lot of money for and then an operation for many grand as well...she had it written by the lawyers that the dog was legally hers and he had no rights to it.

He ended up stealing other things from her, belongings, but left the dog alone.

A theory was that he may have wanted to try to sell the dog to pay some of his bills, like some of the belongings he took.

We must watch our backs at all times.

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