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Anger, Acceptance, Letting it Go.

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forgivingnow posted 9/9/2013 14:16 PM

Dear FWH,
I am very angry that you did not think about me. I am angry that you did not think your actions could destroy me. That your selfishness was ok and right and would not hurt me. Well, it did. This has hurt me more than anything I can imagine happening to me. I'm angry you essentially left me to be a single parent when you could have helped me so much more. You were here and could have been so much more present. I am angry you spent so much money on yourself and told me money was very tight. I am so angry you put all your time and energy into you and not me or us.

Now that I have all the truth I accept what happened and actually feel some peace. You are not defensive, you are going to IC, you have told me I did not deserve this, you are owning what you did and not blaming our marriage. You have told me you are so grateful for the gift of a second chance and that you are proud of me for staying, it would have been easier to leave. I feel love and I see hope. I love you but HATE what you did and I just want this anger out. It feels better just writing it out.
I've always loved you and I always will.

jo2love posted 9/9/2013 16:13 PM


boontje posted 9/9/2013 16:54 PM

Did you actually give this to him? You expressed yourself beautifully (((fn))))

Truth, even when ugly and destructive, does bring a measure of peace. I get this now more than ever. With the truth, real healing can begin.

forgivingnow posted 9/9/2013 19:43 PM

Thank you. I did not share yet but I am going to.

TxsT posted 9/9/2013 22:07 PM would like a new card section I saw today at was all about love, beautifully written things.....there would be a card very much like this for you to give him.


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