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J.D. Robb Books

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Saleschick posted 9/9/2013 23:39 PM

I like the J.D. Robb series of murder mysterys (with some romance mixed in) I have always loved to read and struggled reading after the affair but these books are easy reads. Over 30 in the series.

GabyBaby posted 9/9/2013 23:46 PM

I loooooooove the "In Death" series too! Eve is a total badass, but I love that Roarke brings out her somewhat softer side.

Hmmm....I haven't read the last few in the series. Me thinks it is time to catch up!

Saleschick posted 9/9/2013 23:50 PM

I am reading "Judgement in Death" and I must admit I have a huge crush on Roarke!

GabyBaby posted 9/10/2013 00:07 AM

He is delish!!!

missyb32641 posted 9/10/2013 06:09 AM

I love these books. I too have had a hard time reading romance novels after the A but the In Death series is about the only thing I can read right now.
I just checked amazon and the newest book is due out on the 17th, can't wait.

I just want to say that Roarke and the love scenes makes my heart go pity pat.

childofcheater posted 9/18/2013 19:44 PM

I love this series. Just started the new one last night!

Saleschick posted 9/20/2013 00:00 AM

Just started SEDUCTION in Death this week.

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