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Angry all over again

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Hope2B posted 9/10/2013 20:02 PM

I just found out that my lying cheating stinking husband of 33 years apparently had a longer-term relationship with the skanky whore than I thought. We had some issues with number of minutes on our cell phone plan, so husband suggested I find out if there is an error or not, so I signed up to view our account on line.

Surprise, surprise. I went through all the line-by-line calls from his phone, from Feb. 9, 2012 to yesterday. Oh, and isn't it lucky that he and his skank are both on Verizon-to-Verizon so there's no $ charge--just a record of the call! (sarcasm)

I couldn't access records prior to Feb 2012. When I found out in Feb 2013, he said he had only been seeing her for 8 months. LIAR! The phone records show he was calling her in Feb of 2012, versus his "8 month" input. If he was seeing her for 8 months, his cell phone calls would have indicated a start date of July.

It makes me wonder WHEN exactly this started! I may pay the fee in order to get the cell phone records from 2011 and Jan-Feb of 2012--if it's even possible.

The phone records show that he called her over 250 times, all together, since 2012. Well, I guess he was just courting her, and she was his honey-baby girlfriend(deep sarcasm on my part here).

I found out about his affair on Feb. 25, 2013 when I intercepted her call to his cell, which he had forgotten at home.

THE VERY NEXT DAY he tried to call her NINE times...then, on the 28th, he called her again & she called him right back and they spoke for 11 minutes.

He's camping now with friends. He had to carpool with a friend, so I'd know he was "supervised." The campsite is closeby where he'd meet the skanky whore, but I figured he wouldn't leave the campsite and his friends to go off. Now, today, I find out husband drove the carpool friend to the friend's mom's house to visit, and husband "says" he went right back to camp, alone.

He KNEW he wasn't supposed to be "unsupervised" on this camping trip, which is why he had to have someone ride with him. I realize I sound like a mom with an unruly child. I am so angry!

When he gets back tomorrow, I AM going to ask him what he said to the skank after I found out. Gee, maybe he told her his wife found out and he can't see her again. Who knows? He LIED and said he wasn't going to call her again. I even ASKED him if he called her or heard from her and he LIED again to my face.

Yes, it's been almost 7 months since I found out, and now it seems I'm back to square one with my finding out he lied back then. I have a call in to our church to see about MC, and a call in to our HMO regarding a therapist with experience in dealing with infidelity and the hurt and anger that comes with it.

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velvethammer posted 9/10/2013 20:59 PM

I'm so sorry. Hugs to you. I ordered and paid for other phone records to see when affair one started. Do you know where the campsite is? Maybe you should go there and see if he's there?

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