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authenticnow posted 9/11/2013 05:11 AM

Sending a prayer out to all those who were affected by the events of this day (weren't we all?).

My thoughts are with the people who are still suffering on a daily basis. I can't imagine how hard this day is for them, and for those who lost a loved one.

LD was there that day, in the Financial Center, which was attached to the tower by a promenade. He has his own stories to tell of what he saw and experienced. We lost a couple of acquaintances, and people he used to see on the train, or played against in company softball teams, he never saw again. He still thinks about them and their families. One of the teachers at the kids' school lost her husband, he was a firefighter.

I am grateful that LD is still here with us. That I didn't lose my husband that day and that my kids still have their dad.

We will never forget.

MovingUpward posted 9/11/2013 05:44 AM

Adding my prayers

Deeply Scared posted 9/11/2013 06:28 AM

I'm very grateful LD is with us too.

I remember him telling the heart was breaking for all that he saw and heard on top of all the sadness surrounding that day already.

Prayers and healing thoughts to everyone that was effected

Laura28 posted 9/11/2013 06:30 AM

Prayers from Oz for all those who suffered that day and still suffer.


jjct posted 9/11/2013 06:39 AM

Never forget.

Sad in AZ posted 9/11/2013 06:49 AM

I'm glad LD made it through also.

My cousin fled Tower 7 and walked miles to get home to his apartment on the upper east side. His wife walked home from the Bronx.

My hometown's mayor lost his son that day; he was working in Tower 2.

A good friend lost her husband, an NYPD officer, 2 years ago to a particularly heinous cancer that he developed as a first responder.

Yes; we will never forget.

tushnurse posted 9/11/2013 07:25 AM

Wishing peace and comfort to all of those directly impacted by such a tragedy.

Please know that America's people keep you in their heart and prayers.

jo2love posted 9/11/2013 07:47 AM


Sending prayers to all those effected.

Mack9512 posted 9/11/2013 07:56 AM

I lost 37 co-workers and friends, a cousin and my innocence that day. Wish I could get it all back.


metamorphisis posted 9/11/2013 07:58 AM

I'm watching a memorial this morning and it is still..will always be, so heartbreaking. I don't think it would be possible to ever forget. Sending love to you and LD today AN. To your nation as a whole.
ETA) We were posting at the same time Mack. Oh Mack, I wish there was something I could do to bring comfort to you

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sunandmoon posted 9/11/2013 09:25 AM

Many prayers for those lost and those who lost a loved one.

I feel raw still. 12 years later. I am fighting tears now and have been since I dressed my kids in their red white and blue this morning.

We will never forget.


JKL Vikings posted 9/11/2013 09:29 AM

Prayers going out to everyone today

movingforward777 posted 9/11/2013 09:44 AM

A friend of mine worked for American Airlines as a crew trainer/evaluator...the crews lost that day were people he knew, had worked with and shattered him...he never went back to flying and was a changed heart breaks for him...
I often think of the people lost that horrible day and their goes on, children grow up, families move, husband/wives remarry, but a part of their hearts died that day with their loved ones....
God Bless all of them and may He grant them peace and rest....

simplydevastated posted 9/11/2013 10:26 AM

My heart goes out to all those who were affected.

My aunt and uncle live on Staten Island. My aunt is a teacher and her school became a pick-up location for children waiting for their parents to return from the towers. I think she stayed over night at the school. My uncle worked in Jersey and he had to sleep in his office because he couldn't get home. They were lucky.

Two of my company contacts worked in Jersey as well and their office windows faced the towers. They saw everything first hand. It was bad enough watching it happen on TV while I was safe in CT, I can't imagine what it was like to see it first hand.

My mom knew someone whose daughter was supposed to go to work that day but she had gone to a picnic the Sunday before and came down with food poisoning and stayed home. Her office was in one of the towers.

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authenticnow posted 9/11/2013 13:39 PM

I got chills reading all of these . So many stories...

DS and DD both texted LD today saying they were thinking of him and DS said, "I'm glad you're here, dad'. LD said, "I am too!"

jrc1963 posted 9/11/2013 16:12 PM

I have tears reading these stories.

My prayers and hugs go out to all effected.


LosferWords posted 9/11/2013 16:27 PM

Hugs and prayers to all of those affected by this tragic day.

LA44 posted 9/11/2013 18:50 PM

Thoughts and prayers for our neighbours to the south on this day no one will ever forget.

somanyyears posted 9/11/2013 19:21 PM


..peace on Earth....please God.


unfound posted 9/11/2013 20:19 PM

never forget

So many lost.. so many. My heart holds all of them that are lost, still healing and still hurting.

The memorial that is done every year at Mr Unfounds station (he was just out of "newb" stage when 9/11 happened), is the most beautiful, moving ceremony I've ever attended, based in tradition, brotherhood and family.

All the trucks (one is apart from the rest, in honor of the fallen, and for emergencies) are brought out and the ladders are extended fully. At the top of the ladders, the flags are hung. On the sides of the trucks, are tacked the thousands of letters, quilts, pictures and correspondence from the public they received from our community and around the world.

All the guys are dressed so handsomely in their blues, and the normal boyish banter that usually fills the station is gone. Somberness

There's no pomp or circumstance. No wasted words. The names of every victim is read, then the reading of each of the 343 names of firefighters and paramedics. Each name is followed by dispatch sending the tones out, requesting response, then honorably relieving them of their duties, and sending them home.. then 3 slow rings of the bell. Amazing Grace is played, in the distance, on bagpipes as the firefighters guard the bell, heads hung in respect, as the attendees leave silently.

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