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I can't believe I did this

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soveryweary posted 9/11/2013 06:09 AM

So I am very computer illiterate.
I made an account on because I know how to upload pictures from the home computer.
I forgot to hide my profile.
I log on to my email this morning and it blew up with messages, flirts and winks.
63 men.
I have hidden my profile from view.
Now I am freaking out my STBX will somehow find out.
Honestly, I am not ready for any kind of relationship, I just wanted to have my profile ready and the pictures in place.
It kind of made me feel good to be noticed, but then I think there are a lot of men with bad eyes out there!! LOL!!!
I just pray none of the ones that viewed my profile know the cheater.
One more thing to worry about until the divorce is final.

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She11ybeanz posted 9/11/2013 08:34 AM

Yeah...I wouldn't be activating an online dating profile until many many months post-divorce. I made the mistake of online dating while separated....

One word... DISASTER.

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