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Helping karma

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Hope2B posted 9/11/2013 21:25 PM

Just about everything WH told me was a lie, and I believed him. He put a spin on what happened, and I found out that wasn't true. The A was going on longer than he said, and he was spinning me a yarn to do damage control. It wasn't that he was loaning the poor pitiful Damsel in Distress money, he knew full well he was paying for sex. I guess I'm the *simple-minded* one because I bought his story.

And of course, the lies kept piling up. He admitted that the first time they got together, it was like he was going on a date. Oh goody.

When I initially found out in Feb, I insisted on no contact--he doesn't call her and he doesn't take her calls. He agreed. I asked him about this a while after Discovery Day, and he said they had no contact.

Cell phone records reveal otherwise. The day after D. Day, he called her NINE times. Guess he couldn't get hold of her. The day AFTER that, he tried again, and she called him back and they spoke for 11 minutes.

He "warned" her that I knew everything and told her to watch out because I was using the internet to find out all about her. This is ANOTHER one of his lies, because I didn't do that until a week later when I hired two private investigators.

He has guilt but no remorse. Through all this, he hasn't shed one single tear at how much he's hurt me. He said he was just tired of not having sex (except with himself) for 10 years. I didn't correct him that it's been over 25 years, but I did say "Are you forgetting that I haven't had sex in 10 years, too?"

I told him that I don't want him to touch me, and asked if he still wanted to stay married under those circumstances. He said yes.

I told him that his last blowjob was with the skank and he'd never have one from me ever again, and if he went out on me again, --I couldn't resist saying this-- then after he got out of the hospital, he wouldn't be living under my roof. I asked him to repeat what I said, so I can be sure he understood.

At his camping trip, his two buddies asked why he can't go anywhere by himself, and he disclosed that he had been unfaithful & I didn't trust him. No one (both single guys, never married, in their very late 50s, early 60s) seemed all that shocked.

I'm helping karma (wink) because I think he must be stopped up or something, so I put a little extra fiber in his food. He's going to be real regular. Every. Single. Day.

If it wasn't for my savings account (ALL of which was from my earnings!) and our living in a community property state, I would have kicked him to the curb. I looked into a post-nuptual agreement, and in my state, it's likely to be not supported if things get to court. That puts me between a rock and a hard spot.

Hope2B......not such a damned fool again

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mchercheur posted 9/12/2013 06:37 AM

I'm helping karma (wink) because I think he must be stopped up or something, so I put a little extra fiber in his food. He's going to be real regular. Every. Single. Day.

Hope2B, I just spit my coffee out laughing! Thanks, you gave my day a great start!

But seriously, I feel your anger---& you have a right to feel that way. I am between a rock & a hard place too, for different reasons, but I understand believe me.


Broken6 posted 9/12/2013 11:03 AM

I am sorry that he lied and the A was more than he professed. Isn't that what they do, hold back incriminating details so we aren't AS angry, or AS hurt? I guess my question to them is, in comparison to what? Knowing the truth, and them telling the truth is a matter of respect and just plain human decency after what they have done. I don't get that this common courtesy is so hard to register. Lying only makes it worse, and lies of omission count too. I am so sorry you are finding out more about the story, but glad that you are taking the initiative to verify things, it shows a great deal of courage and strength on your part. I also want to add, that I think it is wonderful that through it all, you have not lost your sense of humor. I think it is wonderful to see that even though he knocked the wind out of your sails, you are afloat, and very seaworthy. Hugs to you, you are an inspiration to me.

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