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brknwmn posted 9/11/2013 23:15 PM

So sunday I told WH that I've lost romantic feelings for him. I finally got tired of the lack of communication since (we have a 2 yr old son & silent treatment isn't healthy for him to see) so once I put him to bed I decided to talk to WH about his silence.

He said that he feels burnt he can't do any more to make me happy. That if I'm not in love then it's beyond help. We are coming from 2 different places. I just want him to fight harder. He has been working hard he really has...but he's been doing it like literally working to provide more for our family (we just moved into a house) and taking more on at work so I can be with baby boy more, handling more of the bills so I can save the extra of my $$ etc...

I want the passion...I want the lovey dovey crap that I took for granted before...

It turned into a big long convo that ended I've had a shot of crown royal and a smirnoff beer thingy...Probably not a good idea since I'm but I've been having panic attacks & I'm not on anxiety meds so took the edge off myself.

has anyone else had WH have this attitude...just wore out...

stunnedin12 posted 9/11/2013 23:29 PM

My first thought was, "oh geez, she's got my wh!"

Wh typical response to anything less than lights and happiness:

"But I thought we were doing better... I guess not, what's the use?"

"Will ANYTHING EVER be right in your world again?"

"Will you EVER be happy again?"

And he has the balls to tell me women are drama queens and blow things out of whack!

I always, always, always turn his stupid, self-depreciating, woe is me remarks back on him. If *I* can have the decency to give him a 2nd (and third and fourth) chance, then he can d*mn well learn to communicate and not be a drama queen over an argument!

I've tried explaining that arguments happen - not everything has to be marriage ending (obviously - stupid me) but that WE have to learn to argue in a healthy way. I'm pretty sure he'd like to go deaf when I tell him I refuse to let him continue with his passive agressive, woe is me crap.

I think the crap they spew about not being able to make us happy, blah, blah, blah is just smoke and mirrors for not wanting to admit they messed up and it's going to take years of hard work to get back to some semblance of marriage.

..... I have just polished off a hard lemonade so just might be snarkier than normal....

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