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Tax Question re: X -- anyone know anything about them?

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hexed posted 9/11/2013 23:35 PM

My X texted me a vague comment about my taxes since we split. They are fine. I've been filing 'married but filing separately' he knows this.

I knew from past conversations that he was seeing an accountant because he was having problems. Apparently the accountant has told him its so bad he could face jail time.

Here's my concern. We JUST finalized our D and signed the papers in August. I don't know if he has filed in the last 5 years since we separated. I don't know what he has filed if he has filed. Can this bite me?

Here's what I do know. I filed the taxes for him for year 2008. I made an error - they IRS came after him and garnished him for the error. Its paid.

I do not know and did not file for him after 2008. We have always filed separately. I was recently audited and will owe the IRS a chunk of change but I'm working with them on it.

He won't answer any questions w/o dancing around the real answer. Am I going to be liable for him if he is in really big trouble??

Thelastknight posted 9/11/2013 23:38 PM

If you were going to implicated the IRS would have contacted you!

beingmiranda posted 9/12/2013 09:32 AM

No. You have been doing the right thing and filing your own all along. This year you get to file as divorce. The IRS will see the pattern.

inhishands55 posted 9/12/2013 23:49 PM

This year you will get to file single because at the end of the year you are single...Married filing separately you always had to have his SS number, now you don't need that...If you changed your name you will have to show proof of that when you file too...

But you should not be liable for any of his debts..Just make sure who does your taxes knows there peas and ques....But I think you will be fine...

I have been doing taxes with AARP for the last 4 yrs...some things have changed along the way...But this hasn't....

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