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All those damn times...

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hexed posted 9/12/2013 10:10 AM

It has been a looooong time since I fetl 'FUCK YOU' about my X.


I spent hours and hours and hours trying make our budget work while you were galavanting around the mountains with your buddies. Yeah I would have liked to have gone and played in the mountains you fuckwad.

I explained the budget to you sooooooooooooo many damn times but your leeeetle pea brain (the only thing smaller is your penis)couldn't comprehend basic math unless it was 60* angle her legs made when you said hi.

Yeah you fuckwit all those damn toys you buy they cost money. Yeah you loooooove to brag about how much better off you are financially now. Yeah that's b/c I walked away with most of the debt just so I could walk away. Yeah I've struggled a lot. Yeah I made some bad financial decisions. I didn't need you to remind me how much cash you have now.

Guess what you fucking moron. You should have been paying the IRS. Yeah you had spending cash but damn you weren't so responsible after all. Guess I did know what the fuck I was doing.

All those times I had to get creative so you could by beer, toys and whatever else, yeah now you know what it took to make that shit happen and why we were in debt. All that money you brag about saving... guess you're gonna get to pay the IRS now fucker.

ajsmom posted 9/12/2013 10:59 AM


Saw your other post - could he really do jail time?

Asking for a friend...errr...I mean, just curious because guess who is probably in the same boat...


hexed posted 9/12/2013 11:03 AM

Oh AJ-- how did we marry the same man? that is so not like us!

I doubt it. I suspect that he is being dramatic. I suppose technically he could.

He won't give me straight answers. He wants to pry in to my business for some reason but won't come out tell me what he really needs. I'm guessing he needs something from 2008 that I might have.

I'm also guessing he hasn't filed in years, never adjusted his withholdings (the reason he has all the extra $$$ every month). Now he owes them tons for the last 5 years. He mentioned $15K a while ago. Who knows.

I just don't want to be caught up in his mess. I'm not giving him nothing and the final decree cannot come fast enough.

ajsmom posted 9/12/2013 11:18 AM


We definitely married twin sons of different mothers.

better4me posted 9/13/2013 17:43 PM

Just wanted to say that I think this is an epic rant! Good for you!

Unless it was the 60* angle her legs made when you said hi.
is pure gold

Thelastknight posted 9/13/2013 18:01 PM

I like your style!

Bluebird26 posted 9/13/2013 19:46 PM

great rant

I feel the same damn way. My xwh is withholding his 1/2 share of the medical expenses for our son but just went out and brought a new car.

I can feel a court date coming on soon

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