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And the lies keep coming

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movingbackwards posted 9/12/2013 20:02 PM

Have given lots of thought lately to why I am trying to R when it would be very easy for me to pick up and move on. Obviously I desire to have what I thought my marriage was, and it's hard to give up on that. But I've been letting go of a lot of the guilt I felt in the past thinking about D, realizing that that is my choice and a valid one at that.

I had uncovered a lot of details ab WH Internet cheating - different sites, how long it had been going on, etc... that hadn't been made clear to me by him. So I asked for full disclosure, even asking pointed questions about these things so he would have NO excuse for leaving them out. And I was lied to again, to my face. And with that, I know where he stands and what my decision needs to be moving forward. Not at all what I had hoped for, but it is what it is.

hathnofury posted 9/12/2013 20:38 PM


I am so sorry. These married people that do anonymous encounters are just so incredibly sick and evil. Sadly, you will not likely ever get the full truth from him.

But you got enough "truth" to know what you need to do. See that as a small victory. You can proceed without doubt, and you can save yourself from years of misery from someone who is unremorseful. Because you deserve so much better.

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