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I finally 180'd him

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Alexa posted 9/13/2013 00:20 AM

I finally got him out!! I am so proud of myself. It took a long time to get to this point but he's gone.

It started yesterday when my 16 yr old saw a text message from him to OW. It started "babe..." She came to me and said he was texting Barb again. Nothing terrible was said. It was a "clean" conversation but a conversation nonetheless. I smoothed it over, low balled the whole thing with her so she wouldn't get even more upset. Then I checked his phone records and sure enough it had been going on a good part of the evening. Tonight I checked again and it's been going on all day. He said they're just talking. He's not seeing her. What since their little sleepover last Saturday!!! Wow!!! I'm so impressed. And to boot his friend has been here since Tuesday because his girlfriend gave him the boot. He felt sorry for him and now he got booted with my WH. Poor guy twice in a week! Ah, he deserved it too. How dare he invite a guy to stay here indefinitely without my consent when I have kids in the house and it's inconveniencing their freedom in their own home. I gave him a piece of my mind and forced him and his friend out the door. I gave him a key to an empty house we rent out and sent them on their way. It took some convincing that he was not going to spend the night here but he finally took me serious and left. I think he was dumbfounded. He looked like a broken soul. I think it really hit him hard. I don't know if it will make him think about the mess he's created. I don't know if I'll ever take him back but I just can't put up with his incessant behavior another moment. He left with nothing but his phone and wallet, no clothes, toothbrush, etc. I guess I'll have to pack that up tomorrow. I just needed him to go.

Josephine01 posted 9/13/2013 00:31 AM

So proud of you. Good Job Alexa.

Daddo posted 9/13/2013 04:17 AM

Huggs. Do what you have to do - with strength but without anger. Show him that you respect yourself and thay he must respect you. You can do it.

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