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Limbo Sucks

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PositiveAttitude posted 9/14/2013 17:17 PM

Limbo sucks, and I feel like it will never end. I really don't want my marriage to end in divorce. I want us to heal ourselves, but my husband is so wrapped around his guilt and his addiction to her.

I need to find my way out of limbo for myself and my girls, but I don't even know where to start.

Did anyone else suffer through this limbo stage? He's feeling too sorry for himself to be of any use to me, and I just want to start moving past the pain.

mom of 2 posted 9/14/2013 18:10 PM

Me! I was in limbo for 18 EXCRUCIATING months. It was pure hell. ANY decision is better than no decision at all. I can't tell you what is right for you but I can tell you I agree that limbo sucks.

Jrazz posted 9/14/2013 18:55 PM

We have a thread in our I Can Relate forum for BS's in Limbo:

It doesn't move as quickly as others but you can get support from members who are in a similar situation, or at least read about others who have been in your shoes. Somehow the "company" makes the limbo a bit more bearable.

As far as getting out - it may feel daunting to think about uprooting overnight - or even in a month. The best advice I've been given is to take very small steps towards your ultimate goal. Whether that means saving money somewhere protected, getting in touch with a lawyer for advice, or just re-learning how to take care of yourself, every little thing can add up to a healthier life after time.

Sending big hugs.

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