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Bragging on Dss

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cantlivewithouth posted 9/14/2013 18:13 PM

Today he ran his first obstacle race. He ran the Badass Dash and did AWESOME! He had a 1 mile kids race and he loved it! At the finish he had to climb over a bus.

Here are pictures of him climbing the bus and after he finished.

He also warmed up before the race. His own brand of warm up. Here is the video of that.

We are so proud of him! He wants to do more of these races. I just wish there were more for kids.

jrc1963 posted 9/14/2013 18:23 PM


BrokenRoad posted 9/14/2013 18:33 PM

Good job!!!!

cantlivewithouth posted 9/14/2013 18:43 PM

Before the race he was grumpy and almost crying because he was nervous, but wouldn't admit that fact. Once he got going he was fine.

nowiknow23 posted 9/14/2013 18:56 PM

Yay! Love the picture of him after he finished.

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 9/15/2013 01:18 AM

Yay, Jrjr!! He's so cool!

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Jrazz posted 9/15/2013 01:18 AM

What a cutie pie!!!

metamorphisis posted 9/15/2013 11:38 AM

Good for him!! I just got back from my neighbours house and they are a big running family. There's a kids race and a 10k at the Toronto Zoo next weekend

cantlivewithouth posted 9/15/2013 17:51 PM

meta...I run the zoo run every year. DSS has been with his mother every year so he hasn't run it.

It's a great race and sells out every year. Tons of fun!

really trying posted 9/15/2013 20:06 PM

Good for him and wow, he's really grown!

lynnm1947 posted 9/16/2013 10:14 AM

He is such a cutie, Cant. Give him a big hug for me!

Edited to add: Just watched his warm up. Hilarious. Good for him!

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