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Football and the work week

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jrr111800 posted 9/16/2013 08:44 AM

Let me start by saying that I work Mon-Thurs four 10s. I always have a 3 day weekend. Since DDay for the most part our weekends have been good to great. Lots of love and reconciling. Although the neither one of those stop during the work week, they do however become shaky during the 4 days I am gone from home all day. I have also noticed that starting on Sunday my BS starts to withdrawal and get triggery. So my question is there something I can do to try and help with this. I feel like if I can ease Sunday the week has a better chance of solid ground and making our weekends together even better. I will like to add the note that yesterday she told me when I asked her what was wrong, that she because it is football season that she is afraid that all this change she has seen will go out the window. In the past I have turned into a lunatic during Sundays. To be sadly honest, I didnít realize this, but totally true. I assured her I will not be that man again ever, not sure she believes me and rightfully so. Any ideas will be greatly helpful. Thanks.

Jrazz posted 9/16/2013 13:13 PM

Since this is your/her first year dealing with this, is there any way you can trade a Sunday or two to show her some attention?

I get relationship triggers when football season ramps up because Crazz historically removed himself from our relationship and became an imaginary 49er. I grew up loving football and watching it with my dad, but my husband took it to a whole other, detached and distant level.

Culturally, I get that sports are a big deal for a lot of people. The thing is, in the wake of infidelity, the BS sometimes feels like anything that takes the attention off of them is an "AP" so to speak.

It would be a HUGE gesture to make a plan for the family some Sunday and say, "You're more important than what's on TV. I can prove it."

I'm not saying give it up forever, or even all season. Just do the work to prove that she comes before all else. Does that make sense? Actions speak much louder than assurances. WS's are constantly asking how they can prove their devotion - this is your ticket.

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