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1st anniversary since I found out my husband was cheating...

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heartbroken2012 posted 9/16/2013 09:55 AM

So today is my two year anniversary. Its been two years that we got my husband into the country from England to be together...after 4 years of back and forth and being apart.

We celebrated our 1st anniversary and I thought he was the world, I worshipped the ground he walked on and was the happiest I had ever been. We had twin babies. things were good. Two months after our 1st anniversary he cheated on me for a slut co worker that was 12 years older than me, and lied...the affair was 2 months.

Since today is my anniversary since I found out that my husband betrayed me and slept with someone else after I have given everything I have (emotionally, financially and every other way) I feel sad.

I am happy that we are at two years. It was what I wanted for a long time. I love him, but I dont love him the same. I miss feeling like he was the world. I hurt badly today and feel such sadness that the person I said was my soulmate lied to me and gave something very special away...and we will never get that back. And he still blames me.

He is happy today, but I am sad. It is bitter sweet.

I just wanted to share my feelings of pain and extreme sadness and hurt with someone. (He thinks me reading this site and the people on here are stupid) I like knowing I am not alone.

StillGoing posted 9/16/2013 10:30 AM

Sorry you are hurting today. Hope it starts to get better soon.

nowiknow23 posted 9/16/2013 12:18 PM


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