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Text Conversation with ds19

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nowiknow23 posted 9/16/2013 16:42 PM

DS: MOM!!!!

me: What?

DS: Pick up some air freshener tree thingies on UR way home.

me: ??????????

DS: Not the time for questions. Just trust me.

I'm askeered, people.

Jpapageorge posted 9/16/2013 17:04 PM

Am I the only one flashing on the scene from Se7en?

Jrazz posted 9/16/2013 17:05 PM

Well NOW you're not!

Did you tell him that Air Fresheners + Teenage Body Funk = Unimaginable Nastiness?

jo2love posted 9/16/2013 17:09 PM


inconnu posted 9/16/2013 17:27 PM

ya might want to grab some extra strength febreeze too, just in case...

authenticnow posted 9/16/2013 17:42 PM

5454real posted 9/16/2013 17:45 PM


Can't wait for this one!

NIK, not laughing @ you. Two teen boys down, 1 to go(12 years left). BTDT.

I'm right there skeered with ya!

kernel posted 9/16/2013 18:09 PM

Oh my, skunks come to mind.

nowiknow23 posted 9/16/2013 18:20 PM

Lordy - if ONLY it were skunks!!! I've got three words for you all:

hog confinement run-off

Please to note - he doesn't work at a hog confinement facility. He doesn't have any friends who do, either. In fact, he has NO GOOD REASON to be anywhere near a hog confinement. Or even a single hog. Ever. Really.

He needs to majorly de-stankify before I can get close enough to interrogate.

authenticnow posted 9/16/2013 18:21 PM

Wait. What?

Hog confinement runoff???


I'm sitting here gagging from dog-farts smell. Yours sounds worse.

Amazonia posted 9/16/2013 19:06 PM

No, what?!

What. the actual. fuck.?!

Lyonesse posted 9/16/2013 19:10 PM

Did you try bathing him in tomato juice yet?

Sad in AZ posted 9/16/2013 19:15 PM

Well, you know, shit does run downhill...maybe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time...

persevere posted 9/16/2013 21:40 PM

Hogs??? Really???? Are you sure you're not in Rural South Texas?

5454real posted 9/16/2013 21:44 PM

just tell me he didn't get into the car

nowiknow23 posted 9/16/2013 21:52 PM

just tell me he didn't get into the car
He got into his truck, 5454. That's what the trees were for.

5454real posted 9/16/2013 22:35 PM

I think he will need to borrow your car on date night.

for the foreseeable future.

purplejacket4 posted 9/17/2013 00:04 AM

This makes the doggy exorcist projective vomiting tonight seem not so bad! Thanks NIK!

metamorphisis posted 9/17/2013 07:41 AM

OMG.. I'm dying

I need details

TrulyReconciled posted 9/17/2013 08:38 AM

Did you know it can explode???

[This message edited by TrulyReconciled at 8:42 AM, September 17th (Tuesday)]

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