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Saw the OW, first time since Dday

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thecosmogirl posted 9/16/2013 19:57 PM

....and WH ruined it for me :(
I've been practicing this since June 14th.
I know exactly how I will act. I am the one with class. I will hold my head up, maybe have a smile or smirk and stroll right past like she doesn't exist.
But, no. That didn't get to happen. And now I'm in the bad place again.
We both saw her. Although he swears he only saw her son and just assumed she was near. I saw her, was looking her straight in the eye and got taller as I saw her eyes get big as she squirmed.
I was hoping my WH would keep walking with me and stroll past like I've practiced in my head. But he didn't. He stopped dead in his tracks and freaked and said "fuck, we have to go!!" I said "why?!" And he knew that I knew. He fumbled words, had me turned around so my back was to her. Said some dumb things. Looking back, HE was scared. And he obviously doesn't know ME! Maybe he thought I would cause a scene... No, he thought SHE would, is closer to the truth.

Just more evidence that he is lying by omission.
I look forward to MC this week, even if I do think it is all for not at this very moment.

thecosmogirl posted 9/16/2013 20:07 PM

And wanted to add that by the time I got turned back around, she had ran out of the building. Bummer, I would've like to have seen that.
Only sorrow I have is the poor kid she drug with her in her quick exit probably asking mommy "why do we have to leave?" :(

jjct posted 9/16/2013 20:18 PM

They say crisis doesn't build character. It reveals it.

Had been preparing.
Not so much.
It seems such a shallow, passing thing to me and yet, did it not reveal weakness and cowardice? Did it not show how one can be so desperate to avoid consequences - such light consequences indeed!

There are posters I have read. Brave ones. Who carry their shame and own their shit, so that even though their strength and burden is largely a mystery to me, it is evident... the way they would have turned to you with sheltering eyes the way they wouldn't have fled the scene (did he?)

Most of all, they would not have concerned themselves with their pain, their humiliation, their dumb ass em bare assed ment, but yours.
I'm sorry.
I moved many miles away to avoid this sitch. You may not feel it, but to me you're strong as hell.

Gemini71 posted 9/16/2013 21:21 PM

Your response to seeing the OW was spot on. You and your WH had every right to be there together. You did nothing wrong. I'm not too surprised at your WH's reaction. Take it as a positive that he knows he messed up. But next time he wants to run away tell him, "Leave if you want to, but I've done nothing to be ashamed of" and hold your head high.

You can also imagine how it looked to the OW seeing the two of you together. When she was spotted, your WH turned to you, not her. OW doesn't know if he was fumbling his words, begging forgiveness, or pledging undying love, but he sure wasn't concerned for her.

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