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Mortgage issues

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bigpicture3236 posted 9/17/2013 11:54 AM

I just want to warn some of you that the mortgage industry is not very friendly to those of us receiving spousal support. I have tried twice, unsuccessfully, to obtain a mortgage on my own.
Problem is that the initial contact apparently will promise you anything to get you to commit to their company, but they have no idea what their company's policies really are.
Both companies told me that I could qualify for a mortgage based on Spousal Support alone. However, the idiots don't seem to know that you must receive SS for at least 6 months to use it as income. I have been promised that I could get exceptions to the rule, but that hasn't panned out. I was totally upfront with my financial situation with both companies. And, by that I mean that I told them both that I just started receiving SS in July in addition to everything else.
I have lost out on two houses and am now paying extra rent as I changed my lease over to a month to month, in anticipation of closing on a home. I was able to recoup the funds the mortgage companies charged me, by refusing to pay my ccard bill. However, I am out the monies I have spent on home inspections.
So, warning to you all! Don't believe anyone, especially if someone else tells you it isn't possible. I went to two well known, respected companies, so it wasn't like I was being desperate for a mortgage.
You have to receive SS for 6 months to qualify that income.

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