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What a creep!

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Strongmama posted 9/18/2013 06:46 AM

I need super sonic strength. My ex moved back to the small town the kids and I live in and love. A quarter f'ing mile away from my house. I swear this disgusting pos has not an ounce of shame.
He states he hates this town- he always did, and stated many times how I ruined his life by moving ever! There's just not enough restraunts and bars for his sleazy ass to pick up hos in. He really thinks he's a big important deal. What the fuck ever!
So, the one place that has been my safe haven; didn't have to worry about running into it; and could let my guard down has now been messed with because he is a sick creep!
I broke nc and stupidly went off about him invading my town. He's such a ridiculous narsissistic tool he stated that I once again made him move here against his!
He stated that since I threw a fit (sent an email to either keep his parenting time, and keep it consistent or waive it; yeah a true fit for wanting a 3 hour break once a week; with a bit of consistence to maybe make a plan once in a while and not worry that my three kids are getting dropped off to an empty house alone two hours early!) that he had to move here. Really douchebag? You are so highly educated, and über important you seriously could never figure out how to be with your kids for 3 hours if there isn't a tv involved. Fucking idiot piece of trash that he is!
This is my town! People here know what a freak and sleaze he is. He's been arrested here. Has police reports here. The police know he's here. Not impressed either.
How did I have 3 kids with this demon? Why is he still alive? He's the devil. He is a royal sleaze bag pos.
That's okay though. I've vented and let it out. This jerk will never ruin another moment in my life. He has tried so hard to break me down, and he never will! Ever. Fuck that crazy ass loser guy! True that this town ain't big enough for the two of us, but I will ignore ignore ignore his ridiculous fat bald sleazy ass.

dmari posted 9/18/2013 11:20 AM

Good vent! Back to NC. Do not feed his ego! I'm sure that is exactly what he wanted but no more! YOU own this town ... not him ... he is the fat bald sewer rat. Continue to live with your head held high and pay no attention to the pest.

Housefulloflove posted 9/18/2013 12:30 PM

(((Strongmama))) You must be quite powerful to be able to make an ex move to a town he hates. How chaotic life must be when every decision made is someone else's fault.

How did I have 3 kids with this demon? Why is he still alive?

This is word-for-word the questions I ask myself daily.

Strongmama posted 9/18/2013 12:52 PM

Thanks! I have a new funny saying I saw online that is my new saying to myself when dealing with this sewer rat (love that btw!:)

"I'll ignore you so bad you'll end up questioning your own existence!"

No idea who wrote this, but they're F'ing awesome! I literally lmao when I read that, and thought yep! My life is great, and he will continue to be the same broken and miserable person he is. Must be exhausting thinking everyone wants you! Lololol!

shiloe posted 9/18/2013 13:09 PM

There's just not enough restraunts and bars for his sleazy ass to pick up hos in.

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