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Rain damage and city government

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musiclovingmom posted 9/19/2013 14:34 PM

My city has had some fairly significant flood damage during the past couple of weeks. The end of my driveway, continuing into the recycled asphalt top of my road included. Last year, the city came and fixed this damage without even a call from me. This year, I waited a bit and then called. I was told someone would be out Friday. I never saw anyone and assumed they'd been busy fixing worse damage. Saturday, my MIL comes down to tell me that the city did come by and refused to fix the damage because it is my driveway. By this point, I am irritated. The damage is clearly in the road unless 3 feet toward the center of the road from the drainage ditch is now considered driveway. And, it washed out a culvert that the city installed. I can use the other side of my driveway, but barely. There is a 2 ft deep ditch washed out over half of it. It is washed out up underneath the 4-6" of recycled asphalt they laid over the dirt road. So, in my fury, I send an email, with pictures, to the mayor. That was Saturday afternoon. When I had heard nothing by yesterday, I emailed the assistant to the city manager (only because the city manager a direct email is not available to the public). This morning, I finally hear from the mayor. He immediately forwarded my message to the city manager's direct email on SATURDAY. This means the city manager has been sitting on my email since Monday and done NOTHING. This is the same city manager who touted what a great job he is doing and asked the council to approve a 17% increase in his salary while also asking them to lay off city employees. The same city manager who is in the middle of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by 3 former city employees. I'm so mad I could spit. I've lived here almost my whole life and have never dealt with this level of disregard for the concern of citizens. I'm about to march myself and my small boys down to city hall and plant my 5'8" 220lb self in his doorway. Maybe the. He'll have time to respond to me. Gah!

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