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He signed

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mof2 posted 9/19/2013 18:59 PM

He signed the divorce decree.....almost finally over!!!! Now I just have to sign them and file. After he signed and sent them, he had the audacity to send me the following email. Really??? Is this to make me feel better or you????

I really want to apologize for my behavior toward you regarding this whole thing, there is absolutely no excuse for it. I also thank you for doing every bit of the leg work on this. I do realize this to be the case and honestly appreciate everything you have done. I wish I would have been more help and less headache.

StillLivin posted 9/19/2013 19:26 PM

Ok, I don't know your STBXH, but I know mine.
He would honestly convince himself he was being sincere and ever so repentant. In reality it would be to assauge his sense of guilt so he can continue to stick his d!@* in Shrek without going limp first!

Phoenix1 posted 9/19/2013 19:31 PM

Doesn't it feel great when you see that signature? It was quite euphoric for me!

What he emailed is exactly the way my POS thinks. Anything delusional to make the world keep thinking he is Mr. Wonderful and oh so appreciative of everything I have done! Yet no mention about what he did to get us in this situation to begin with!


mof2 posted 9/19/2013 19:58 PM

Exactly StillLivin. I didn't respond. Live with your guilt and shame while I move on with my life and find what I deserve!

And yes Phoenix1, I didn't realize how happy I would be. I was grinning from ear to ear. It's almost over!!!!!! YAY!!!!

nowiknow23 posted 9/20/2013 12:15 PM


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