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Weekend Plans

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travels posted 9/20/2013 17:30 PM

I actually have plans this weekend - kind of.

Tonight is my usual Friday night - take out and the couch. Only I need to do school work tonight because I have plans Saturday & Sunday.

Saturday I'm taking a ride north for a nature expo and hopefully some fishing. It's supposed to rain, but I don't care. I haven't been fishing all summer.

Sunday I'm meeting an old friend in the city for some lunch/dinner & hanging out. Then there is the Steeler game.

phmh posted 9/20/2013 17:54 PM

I just went to a wine tasting at a local liquor store with a friend and now I'm about to make dinner and settle down with a book and some beer.

Saturday will be a longish run in the morning, then volunteering at the parrot rescue most of the day. Relaxing in the evening.

Sunday I'm seeing a movie with friends, then my parents are coming up and we're touring some local landmarks.

It will fly by!

GabyBaby posted 9/20/2013 17:56 PM

Hubby wanted to go wine tasting this weekend, but since a)we've been out and about for the last two weekends and b) I'm feeling very anti-social, we're going to stay in and veg.

persevere posted 9/20/2013 18:08 PM

I'm home for the night - it's rainy tonight - great veg at home weather. Some salmon, white wine and a movie are in my future.

Tomorrow hitting the gym in the morning, work around the house, and a friend's bday party in the afternoon.

Sunday, get a runn in, some work to do for the office on Monday, and work around the house.

Catwoman posted 9/20/2013 18:46 PM

Tomorrow, yardwork and preparation for a performance on Sunday. Sunday is performance day, so it rather blows the entire day. Tonight it is just hanging with the critters. GDM will come up tomorrow and be with me through the concert and after.


fraeuken posted 9/20/2013 18:57 PM

Getting a pedi with DD11 right now. Staying in with my girls to tonight, watching movies. Gym tomorrow morning, soccer game and BBQ in the afternoon, sleepover for DD11 at night. Sunday church and the maybe a coffee date.

Williesmom posted 9/20/2013 19:22 PM

Worked late tonight. Tomorrow is a 5k benefit for a friend- Willie is going with me.

Sunday, maybe go see a movie. Then, the steelers on Sunday evening.

Overall, a pretty lazy weekend.

h0peless posted 9/20/2013 19:30 PM

I'm watching my step-brother's football game on TV tomorrow morning and then going over to my grandparents' house for tech support and interrogation.

I'm planning on taking my dogs for a hike on Sunday and I might start playing through San Andreas again on my new laptop.

newlysingle posted 9/20/2013 22:07 PM

I started tonight off with being contacted by my attorney right before she left at 5 to let me know that my divorce is finalized! I met up with some girlfriends for dinner and drinks. I'm now home on the couch because I think I'm coming down with the cold DS had this week.

Tomorrow, I was supposed to hit the gym in the morning, but if I'm not feeling well, I'll probably skip it. I have a memorial service to attend in the afternoon for my friend's fiance. Should be interesting, because she discovered after he died that he had been unfaithful to her for the past year. Not many of us attending know the truth, so we're there to support her while his family and friends talk about what a great guy he was.

Sunday, I'll probably head to my congregation in the morning and then get some stuff done around the house.

tesla posted 9/20/2013 23:17 PM

Had to run into the city to pick up my race packet for a 20 mile run I'm doing on Sunday. But first, I tried to burn down a gas station...was unsuccessful. Got home and finished up my graduate coursework that was due tonight.

Tomorrow is another CC meet. Then home to write a couple of IEPs, more graduate coursework, and somehow I have to fit in laundry, grocery shopping, give the house its once a week cleaning.

Sunday is the 20 mile long run up along the lakefront. And hopefully I'll feel like grading papers while watching some football before I go save Teslet from the bowels of chaos.

Sad in AZ posted 9/20/2013 23:28 PM

Went solo to a bar tonight. Tomorrow night an old friend from high school is hosting a Short Film Festival. Sunday--who knows!

fraeuken posted 9/20/2013 23:43 PM

Sad, how was it to go solo to a bar? I can't go to any local bar because I don't want to run into xSO and his new honey.

However, I have been thinking about heading to the other side of town and going it alone. I am a bit apprehensive about this.

Care to share?

wildbananas posted 9/20/2013 23:47 PM

Going on another date tomorrow with the roses dude... I might even get to go if work would leave me alone for more than ten minutes.

I so wish I was kidding.

Ann124 posted 9/21/2013 06:58 AM

Picnic in the mountains, laundry and work ... It's going to be a great weekend!

Enjoy everyone!

Mandilwen posted 9/21/2013 08:07 AM


However, I have been thinking about heading to the other side of town and going it alone. I am a bit apprehensive about this.

My mom always went to pub like bars by herself. Just sit at the bar and talk with the bartender. A lot of the "regulars" also go solo and make great drinking company! When I turned 21, she brought me with her and I swear it was like cheers, I loved that place, lol!

I used to go to a dance club solo, but my sister was the bartender, lol. I'd hang out near her for awhile and usually run into someone I knew, or make a new friend. Go give it a try, my mom knew all the bartenders at our local pubs, and she never had to order because they already knew what she wanted, lol!

PurpleRose posted 9/21/2013 11:26 AM

Since my son is with the Dooosh this weekend I was supposed to meet up for drinks/apps after work last night with a special friend, but my 13 year old had friend drama so I cancelled on him to take her out to dinner! :) we went out for dessert after dinner and had a great time just hanging out together.

Today I will begin to tackle my garage. The marital house has a new family living in it as of Thursday (YEAH BABY!!!) so I had to get the last remaining items last weekend.. And my garage runneth over!!

Tonight I'm supposed to meet up with my friend, and 13 is going babysitting.

Tomorrow we will finish laundry, clean bathrooms, see a movie and then I have tests to grade. :) Weekends are too full and too short lately!!

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