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Had to laugh so I wouldn't cry

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Gemini71 posted 9/21/2013 15:23 PM

Received this from the OW, my XBFF on FB

"I am sorry to bother you. I just wanted to let you know that I was out with my mother and sister tonight. Apparently Mom had seen something on your Facebook page about you and STBXH divorcing. She and (sister) were asking me questions etc. I told them very little. I just felt that I should let you know in case my mom sends you a note or anything you wouldn't be surprised. I hope you are ok. If for any reason you need anything let me know."

Gee. Guess she didn't want to fess up to being a homewrecker. Some people just don't get it.

Chicky posted 9/21/2013 15:37 PM

Ugh! The nerve of her to try to forewarn you. Too bad she didn't care enough about you to keep her hands off your husband. Sorry you had to deal with that. I don't think my advice will be considered constructive by the majority, but if her mom or any member of her family for that matter, contacts you out of concern, I would tell them EXACTLY why you are divorcing. You don't have to give the gory, smutty details, but you should certainly let them know that it's because your "best friend" had a sexual affair with your husband.

Gemini71 posted 9/21/2013 15:42 PM

Thanks Chicky. Soon after D-Day I seriously considered contacting her family to out the A, but decided it wasn't worth my time. I think her heads-up was more a subtle plea for me not to tell them about her part in things if they do contact me. But I agree with you. If asked, I will tell the truth. I did nothing to be ashamed of!

iwillNOT posted 9/21/2013 16:05 PM

I would also read it as her forewarning you so you wouldn't be surprised into outing her. Leave the lying to her. Tell the truth and hold your head high. You are not at fault here, how dare she try to make you(even subtly) a party to her deceit!

Amber13 posted 9/21/2013 17:11 PM

Ha! Totally agree with the others. Is she basically asking you to lie for her? How the tables have turned.

Skan posted 9/21/2013 18:11 PM

Well, color me a bitch, but I think that this was a sign from above that I had neglected to touch base with the ho's mom & sister. Rather kind of her to remind me that I hadn't talked to them in some time, don't you know...

nowiknow23 posted 9/21/2013 18:37 PM

((((Gemini)))) Not sure of your state of NC with OW, but it seems like there are several doors open on FB that are allowing her visibility into your life (via her mother seeing your wall) and giving her the ability to message you.

For your own mental health, consider shutting those doors and deadbolting them.

seriouslylostit posted 9/22/2013 04:34 AM

This is too easy. Tell her that you did hear from her mom and her mom apologized for her daughter being a home wrecking whore. Then just let her sort that out with her mom.

SBB posted 9/22/2013 08:37 AM

Crickets and what NIK said. Block the lot of them - no more windows into your life.

What a POS. I'm so sorry hun.

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