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Same trigger....different response.

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blakesteele posted 9/22/2013 07:55 AM

Adultery in movies...big trigger for me ( and most BS's). No revelation in that.

Last night i watched a movie that contained adultery as part of the story. "At Any Price"staring Dennis Quaid. I Read the cover....sounded like a movie about 2 things I like--farming and auto racing. It was about that, but also had strong sex scenes involving adulterous sex. I didn't like it, but I did not rage or stop the movie.

The movie "Date Night" had affair tones to it between Mark wahlbergs character and Tina Faye...and I had to go for a walk!

I thought about why two distinctly different responses were generated in me. It is quite simple.

"Date Night" made light of do many romantic comedies (oh look how lovely both people involved in adultery are).

"At Any Price" used adultery plot to further explain the human condition. Dennis was part of a loving supportive family. He had life pressures ( living up to the standards set by his ancestors to keep the family farm thriving, raising two sons, maintains a strong presence in community). His choice to committ adultery was just another poor decision in many he had made over the course if his life.

It still made me sad. I still saw the pain in his wife's face as she told him she knew about his affair. I still had disdain for his AP as she seduces his son...knowing he had a GF.

I believe my differing reaction is due to the real nature in which the affair was dealt with in the different movies.

"At Any Price" poignantly stated, with perfect clarity, that affairs are not about the BS...affect them certainly, but not about them. They are absolutely about the WS getting what they want "At Any Price".

Odd ending to this movie though....not recommending it....didn't like the overall message.

God help us all.

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PamJ posted 9/22/2013 09:12 AM

I agree, when I see light-hearted movies about affairs , portraying them as no big deal, every day occurrences that we should not be concerned about it bothers me.

The callous throw away attitude that never shows the real pain caused by affairs is humor at any price, which I find offensive.

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