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A *Must See* Video........

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gonnabe2016 posted 9/22/2013 13:08 PM

....for those BS's who are dealing with a *player*, a *Hoover-er*, or a fence-sitting cake eater. (actually I have a couple of others that are better for the cake-eaters, but this one works too.)

The imagery at the end of this video is pretty cool......

SisterMilkshake posted 9/22/2013 13:34 PM

Loved it, gonnabe. Thanks for sharing. Not dealing with that particular kind of WH, but I can see why it really resonates with you. ((((gonnabe))))

HereWeGo62 posted 9/22/2013 14:21 PM

Great song!

And damn what a beautiful Camaro!!

gonnabe2016 posted 9/22/2013 14:37 PM

Camaro? What camaro? (lol)

mchercheur posted 9/22/2013 17:11 PM


SoOver96 posted 9/22/2013 18:26 PM

Good Video

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