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New house :)

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gardenparty posted 9/22/2013 18:55 PM

SO and I put an offer in on a piece of land just outside the city that we live in. It is 3.75 beautiful acres, 15 minutes from town in a lovely quiet spot close to a river. I am so excited. As much as I love the house we live in now I can't wait to build our own.

gahurts posted 9/22/2013 19:07 PM


stronger08 posted 9/22/2013 19:31 PM

jo2love posted 9/22/2013 19:50 PM


traildad posted 9/22/2013 19:57 PM

Congrats!! Has to be exciting!

little turtle posted 9/22/2013 20:48 PM

Sounds great!!! Congrats!

foreverempty posted 9/22/2013 21:07 PM

That sounds amazing. Good luck with the build.

nowiknow23 posted 9/22/2013 21:08 PM


fraeuken posted 9/22/2013 21:14 PM

Exciting and congratulations!

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