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Poems for break ups, R, D, and M's

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cannibal posted 9/23/2013 01:07 AM

Sometimes I piss you off just to get a rise
To hear you talk to look into your eyes
You say I don't forgive you because I hold on to the past
I just never could be assured that this time was your last
I never got a warning what things were coming to
Even though I love you I just couldn't let you do what you do
My heart has had enough now and the futures up to you
I tried to fix things but to make it work it takes two
So if this is good bye now let me be the first to say adieu
Life is hard enough without all this bull shit from you

cannibal posted 9/23/2013 02:15 AM

The first one I posted was an orginal. This one is one I found and think that many of the couples on here may be able to relate to. Please feel free to comment, post your own or post poems that you enjoy.
Open Heart and Ears

It's easier to keep silent
safely launching passive aggression
dodging an unsightly shouting match
believing her sullenness
clearly signaled her grievance
without an ugly confrontation
he should know it's not alright
he had to remedy the wrong

It's easier to complain to others
when facing a lover's squabble
rather than nursing the wounds
rather than nourishing love
it's entirely his fault after all
he fell short of being perfect
why should she compromise at all

It's harder to go within
to carry out self-reflection
to face up to her insecurities
to articulate her fears out loud
it's harder to open up her heart
to let him see the hurt and pain
it's hard to grow up at times
to deal with conflict lovingly

Afraid of owning up to
her sore spot and not
willing to be vulnerable
not ready to own up to
her part in the conflict
wanting to believe she
did no harm to their love
the fault didn't lie with her

Scared of his possible reaction
terrified he would take love away
she tried to escape and flee
taking refuge in cold fortress
driving him madder and angrier
the more she retreated backwards
the more he advanced forwards
falling into the abyss of misery

Arriving at a deadlock
both refusing to give in
yet refusing to give up
no flow of soothing words
to heal two wounded hearts
all dark and gloomy clouds
hurting each other even more
driving the wedge wider

The standstill drove her crazy
came the time she had to decide
what truly meant more to her
was it the heart or the pride
to open up and risk further wounds
or to bottle up and wait it out
for the storm to go away quietly
closing another door upon love

She hoped to open doors to love
not to cause another to be closed
hot tears stained her cheeks
somehow the tears comforted her
slowly peering within she found
a core of strength arising
she courageously decided then
to open up her heart and ears

Opening up her heart to him
she showed him her pain her fears
finally meaning what she said
ending her confession with
the deep love she felt for him
her open heart thawed his hardness
taking a smiliar move to hers
he spoke from deep within him
and she was all ears
open hearts and open ears

Taking in his hurt his pain
and the love he had for her
eradicating the blaming game
both gained newfound wisdom
forming a hope-filled bridge
leading them into each other's
heart and new understanding
their passion returned once again

Go into love with open heart and ears
holding the sincere wish to
bring out the best in one another
not seeking to diminish or trample
upon the sacred love that comes
mend any strain readily and quickly
mend it good and with forgiveness
let each other listen and be listened
let love flow through barriers
let your heart and ears be opened

Copyright 2009 Fion Lim.
All rights reserved.

cannibal posted 11/1/2013 14:50 PM

Trust and fear
Trust is knowing your interest is always protected
The truth is the truth no matter how it's dissected
Trust is to be able to fall and know you will have help to get back up
It is the hand that holds your hair when you need to throw up
Trust is to know that if you cried
Your partner would be there, right by your side
Trust is to be able to get away
Without ever wondering what your partner may do or say
Trust is to know that if you loan money
It will be spent where it's supposed to be, nothing funny
Trust is to know if your hurt or sick
Your partner will come, and come quick
Trust it is the absence of fear
Never worried that your partner may one day disappear
Fear is a sickness brewed in the weak
A petrifing feeling, keeping you meek
Fear is an absence of faith
A feeling that your love may be replaced
Trust and fears relationship is inverse
Only with trust is it safe to traverse
When the trust goes down, the fear increases
It will shatter a man and leave him in pieces
So if you love your partner make sure they trust you
If you don't you may turn around to find it's just you

cannibal posted 11/9/2013 09:17 AM

I don''t know if anyone else on here has done some writing to help you get through these trying times in life, but I''m sure there are. Please feel free to post on this topic maybe it will be able to help others work through their feelings. I know I have this labled poems but if you have any short stories or journal entries you think may help please feel free to post them too. Well I''m ready to call it a night, but first a poem I just finished I hope you like it and it helps too!

I''m having trouble

Im having trouble falling asleep
Wondering what secrets you still keep
Wondering if you can ever stay true
Driving myself crazy trying to figure out what to do

I''m having trouble controlling my thoughts
Wondering what you would be doing if you never got caught
I want to be able to have true reconciliation
I just never want to relive that humiliation

I''m having trouble trusting you
After what we have been through, I know what you can do
I want to see that your doing things to become better
Like seeing a counciler and being a go getter

I''m having trouble supporting our household
You need a job, I don''t mean to be cold
I need you contributing to the buget, not just the bills
I am thankful though, that you have got off the pills

I''m having trouble getting over this
You hurt me so deep, damn right I''m pissed
I want you to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
It doesn''t matter what you say, as long as there's proof

I''m having trouble giving you proper recognition
I want to do what it takes to heal this division
It nice to come home to a fresh cooked meal
The house stays clean now, it''s a pretty good deal

I''m having trouble with this reconciliation
My wheels just keep spinning, is my aggravation
I want it to matter all the work that you do
Because in the end, I still love you

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cannibal posted 1/11/2014 05:29 AM

Here is another one. I hope you enjoy and please you are more than welcome to comment or post your own. If not I will post here every so often just to keep it alive.


I want to write a love poem for you
I want it to come from my heart
I want it to bring tears to your eyes
I just don't know where to start

I want you to succeed in life
I'm getting tired of things falling apart
I wish I had the trust that we need
But when I know your still lieing it breaks my heart

I want to see you through your addiction
I want to be there through the ups and the downs
I want us to spend our forever together
To be there for each other, even when no one else can be found

I want to see you get a job that has a future
One that won't break your back
One that has great health insurance
And everything else the others have lacked

I want us to find some great friends
Ones that won't cross the line
Ones that are fun to be with
Ones that are yours as well as mine

I want a four bedroom house
One with a two car garage
One with closets you can get lost in
So beautiful people would think it's a mirage

I want all these things
There are a few I didn't mention too
I want all these things
But the only thing I need is you

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