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I just couldn't stop myself..... diarrhea of the nosy

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She11ybeanz posted 9/23/2013 21:01 PM

So....I went to my Anny Hash run party Saturday.... and ran into a guy that I didn't know that well. He told me that he was an instructor for local nurses and a paramedic. I was like...."Oh...well my ex-husband is a paramedic!" And, he said..."Oh really, who is that?" and I told him.... his name is "Jackass maghee" (name changed to protect the guilty) and he was like..."OH!!! I know him....and his girlfriend "Slutty Mcbitchalot" !!

Then, I just kinda blurted out, "Oh..yes...I know her too! She is the reason for my divorce!" He was like...."Oh wow!" And, then he confirmed my suspicions that she had gotten a divorce from her husband and her and my XWH are now an official couple.

I mean....I kinda figured they were. But, something truly sucked knowing for positively sure that they were. I know this has happened to a lot of you so this is nothing new or anything. Part of me still wants them both to be miserable and die a horrible syphillis ridden death.... (okay....maybe not that bad) but.....I just hate thinking that they are getting their happily ever after.... and here I am.... a single mom.... been single a year and a half.... alone.... struggling... and I was the GOOD one. WTH.

Okay... I'm done whining.

The weird part was....I had posted some pics of the prelube to the hash the night before where all of us dressed up on the town and I posted a picture of me all gussied up and titled the picture related to the hash. This guy told me that he hadn't heard from MOW in months and "out of the blue" she texted him asking about the hash the next morning. She mentioned that she might come out sometime to a group run! Hmmm.... sounds like she is face-stalking me again.... Oh goodie.

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inconnu posted 9/23/2013 21:39 PM

(((Shelly))) yeah, it does suck to find out for sure. I remember getting confirmation that ex had moved in with OW, during the divorce. Even though I knew they were a couple, knowing for sure it was official really bit the big one.

But the good thing about time and healing - when they finally got around to getting married earlier this year, I was like WTF-ever, who cares?

and ya know, just because they're officially a couple doesn't mean they're getting a happily ever after. Hey, they're stuck with each other now. I say they're getting exactly what they deserve.

Gr8Lady posted 9/23/2013 21:45 PM

When you find out for sure, it is hard. Worse is running into them together for the first time now that sucks big time.

Amazonia posted 9/23/2013 21:47 PM


Maybe the funniest typo ever

Also? Why not block the bitch?

little turtle posted 9/24/2013 08:06 AM

How did she see the picture? Change your privacy settings so she can't stalk you so easily. Only my friends can see the pictures I post, except the main profile picture and the cover photos. Idk if OW checks my page or not, but she doesn't need to see how happy I am now.

foreverempty posted 9/24/2013 16:59 PM

Out of interest Shelly

Did you tell him your wasband was a paramedic so he would ask who he is?

I only ask as I seem to do similar, hoping to be able to get a dig in about how much of a tramp exwhore is and so that the real story circulates through a larger peri group of hers.

The way you described it made me feel like you might be doing the same.

It's unhealthy I know but I can't stop myself, I've not reached indifference and it seems you may not have either. Personally I don't see me ever getting there, I've resigned myself almost to that fact.

I guess if you had just said, "sounds like a nice job" or somethin similar it would have avoided all of the follow on conversation and proved to yourself that he is no longer irritating or influencing your mind in any way.

I hate the fact that my ex seems happy, all be it with boyfriend no.16, and again you are not pleased your ex is also full of the joys of spring.

I think we've all been dealt a very shit hand of cards and it's about how we turn that around to win the game that life is.

Problem for me is I'm crap at cards!

I know this post is not about you being lonely and wanting another relationship but the content of if sounds like your not in "that place" yet still.

I know how hard it is, trust me! I'm fighting that battle almost every day still almost 2 years on.

Next time someone says they are a paramedic, or work in the local hospital, just say, "that sounds cool" and leave it as that.

Let me know how you get on, as most likely I'll keep failing at that and fishing for attempts to throw shit around about XWW...!

She11ybeanz posted 9/24/2013 18:49 PM

Maybe the funniest typo ever

Actually NOT a typo. The hash is a crazy group of people who involve a lot of sexually based jokes and so forth in their innocent fun....that being a play of words as part of it! I highly recommend a hash running social group to anyone. Most cities have a group and you don't have to be a runner to enjoy it. Most of them have walking trails!

Also? Why not block the bitch?

She's been blocked for about 4 years now....but I think she spies on me from other means. Either through a mutual friend or fake profile I assume....whatever. She must have seen my profile pic (where I look fabulous by the let her eat her heart out!)

Crescita posted 9/24/2013 20:36 PM

Hmm so you have the amazing, adorable Piper, and your ex has a girlfriend he can never trust. I'd say you are winning

She11ybeanz posted 9/24/2013 21:03 PM

Hmm so you have the amazing, adorable Piper, and your ex has a girlfriend he can never trust. I'd say you are winning

Yeah...sometimes when I see them so "happy" in public at races....I wonder if part of it is for show. Like they are together because they don't want to end things and prove they made a huge mistake leaving their spouses and betraying them. But, I could be reaching doesn't matter in the long-run.... I know how he was in bed.... and I don't miss those 10 seconds for anything.....

k94ever posted 9/25/2013 09:07 AM

"I don't miss those 10 seconds for anything"

Good one Shelly!!!!!!


lynnm1947 posted 9/25/2013 12:47 PM

OMG, good one!

She11ybeanz posted 9/25/2013 13:11 PM

The sad part is..... 10 seconds is TRUE! I actually counted one time....and came up short....and HIGHLY disappointed!

One one-thousand......two one-thousand....three one-thousand......four-one thousand......five ...WTF!!!!!????

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