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Man, I hate phonies!

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tryingagain74 posted 9/24/2013 21:08 PM

Just call me Holden Caulfield.

DS #1 was telling me tonight how, when the kids go to XWH's house during their weekday overnight, they all come home, gather around the table, and do their homework while the OW passes out snacks. Doesn't that just sound like a slice of Norman Rockwell for you?

It sickens me how disingenuous they are. XWH never offered to help with homework-- the kids had to seek him out on the rare occasion that I wasn't sure about something. As for an after-school ritual? Puh-leeze. He stayed holed up in his home office when the kids came home. I always ran the show. And as for the Owife, I wonder how many after-school homework and snack sessions she had with her eldest son while she was busy on Ashley Madison? Did she have time for those when she was driving an hour away to tryst with my then-husband? Those warm moments of bonding probably cut into her texting, online chatting, and secret phone calls.

I know that it's better than the kids not doing homework, being somewhere abusive, etc. I just hate fake people. I hate hypocrites. I have no tolerance for people like that and keep my distance from them when I see them for who they are. I hate that my kids have to be around two of the biggest hypocrites I have ever known, and it hurts that my kids are still won over by these orchestrated touching moments.

I'll begin with a nod to literature and end with one: "That one may smile and smile and be a villain..." That about describes the Ashley Madison power couple.

inconnu posted 9/24/2013 21:19 PM

I think this is outlined in the "but once you get to know her/him, you'll love her/him just as much as I do" chapter in the Insta-family for WS who Marry Their AP handbook.

Phoenix1 posted 9/24/2013 21:42 PM

I'm with you tryingagain, I hate hypocrites with a passion, and my POS is the biggest one I have ever known! Mr. Holier-than-thou-church-comes-first-except-when-I-am-breaking-every-fucking-commandment-there-is-except-murder makes me want to puke with his hypocrisy!

At least don't be a hypocrite and own up to your own shit and admit you are a hypocrite (the real shit, not the delusional make-believe crap)!

tesla posted 9/25/2013 06:03 AM

It's so irritating when they play happy family.

Is Owifey baking heartshaped cookies with frosting smiley faces yet? That's when we'll know they've hit uber-phoney level.

suckstobeme posted 9/25/2013 10:39 AM

I'm right there with you. I would love to stab a fork in their hypocritical, phony sets of eyeballs.

The thing we can't lose sight of is that they are and always will be entirely full of shit. Her heart shaped cookie baking frenzy is all about the smoke and mirrors intended to deflect away from the truth of him, her and their "relationship".

That pig of an OW that my ex lives with does the same shit. Ms. Social media whore throws all sorts of shit out there for the world to see, but I know the truth.

She loves when all the kids are there. Right. She ignores mine, barely grunts at them, and allows her kids to pick on them while she sits on the porch and drinks with my alcoholic ex husband.

She is so pretty and perfect, largely because they are so healthy and eat everything organic. Exactly. That's why my ex balllooned up to his highest weight ever after they got together and why he still has no problem feeding my kids McDonald's and ramen noodles. This must also be why he eats hot dogs - one of the unhealthiest things you can eat - when he has my kids alone for dinner.

Their house is just so full of love. Uh huh. That's why he sleeps with my kids in their beds and she sleeps with hers. Lots of love between them.

They make me sick. People in this world can call me a lot of things, but a phony hypocritical liar is not one of them.

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