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passive gps tracking app for android

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cannibal posted 9/25/2013 03:54 AM

I work 2nd and 3rd shift and my fiance works 1st we are trying to R after an A and build the trust back up. The problem I'm running into is knowing that she was where she says she was. I sleep while she is at work and this is the time of day she would communicate with her ap and acquire drugs. Most of the gps trackes I've read through are active meaning you have to click where is my partner now. What I'm looking for is a passive tracker that can answer where has she been at various intervals through out the day. I know some apps are more accurate than others. I don't mind paying a little money if it works well. Any information or experience would be helpful. Thank you in advance for your help.

SI Staff posted 9/25/2013 05:27 AM

The I-Tips forum becomes available to all members once they've reached 51 legitimate posts and have added Simplicity upgrade to your Profile (if you have joined after September 2012).

Please do not post one word replies just to get your post count up, that will result in your Profile being disabled.

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