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"let's just be friends"

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better4me posted 9/25/2013 17:06 PM

Not my favorite thing to be told by someone I am interested in. Gah. Oh well, he wasn't "that" special...I did say "I don't know if you get to be my friend" cuz, really, it is kind of a privilege to be my friend, just saying. I'm sure I will be fine about this...but it sucks anyway.

Recently saw a quote I liked, "If you want to come into my life, the door is open. If you want to get out of my life, the door is open. Just don't stand there in the doorway, you're blocking traffic."

ItsNotUitsMe posted 9/25/2013 17:27 PM

Sorry for your disappointment....

Love the quote too...have someone standing in my doorway currently. I think if I were to ask him, he probably thinks he is in the door. And he might be, but he is definitely looking out the window!

phmh posted 9/25/2013 18:09 PM

Oh, so, so sorry -- is this the guy that things were going so well with a few weeks back? Or am I confusing you with someone else?

I have no interest in being friends with someone I once dated. I find it hard enough to find enough time to spend with the friends I already have.

nowiknow23 posted 9/25/2013 18:32 PM

Sorry things didn't work out, b4me.

Love love LOVE that quote. Adding it to my file.

MovingUpward posted 9/25/2013 19:13 PM

Sorry b4d.


better4me posted 9/25/2013 22:19 PM

thanks all. I'm getting used to this romantic disappointment and realizing that so much personal growth comes from these times makes it a little bit better.

phmh: Yep this is the one I got off the bus with a couple of weeks ago...le sigh...

jo2love posted 9/25/2013 22:23 PM


cmego posted 9/26/2013 07:34 AM

I like the quote,

"If you aren't going to stand up to be the man she deserves, then sit down so she can see the ones behind you."

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