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doggiediva posted 9/25/2013 20:13 PM

I guess I could say that this is a topic that could fit well on any of these forums..

Doesn't matter if you JFO or R, or D..
Just does't matter..

I am writing because in reaching out to other people I can hope to learn about the demon inside of me...


For me it means that some days are better than others...

Little energy or drive to get out and do things unless they need to be done..

I can still make appointments and commitments, no problem..

Unless and until I have somewhere to be, one day just flows into the next..I find that I have little energy or desire to get out of the house..

I want to go to art galleries, volunteer, etc..

I am not in the position to join the work force just yet..Health..

When I find out that I am accepted into a local gallery who likes my photography work, I am numb?
I get an awesome haircut today that flatters me, I am numb?

Each little rejection on the other hand stings tenfold...

I am on medication for depression..For the most part it does its job...

Sometimes there is absolutely nothing medicine can do to help a hurting soul...

It takes the caring of other human beings..

People that take the time to let you know that they care, they see something in you..

Hugs, Smiles and good conversation are part of what make life worth living..

Of course one must find the strength to get out of the house to find the hugs, smiles and good conversation :-)

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mom of 2 posted 9/25/2013 21:00 PM

You've been heard. My (late) brother would very much relate.

gypsybird87 posted 9/25/2013 21:21 PM

Hi DoggieDiva,

I so relate to your post! I was going through this very thing not long ago, though I'm doing a little better now. (And you will too, don't worry! )

When everything happened, and XWH moved out, my IC told me to be sure I got out of the house every day. Every single day, without fail, even if it was just to walk my dog around the block or go the store for a gallon of milk. She said I needed that time to "decompress." I can't remember your situation but I'm still living in what was the marital home. If you are, like me, then this is even more important, because you're still living at ground zero, where your whole life exploded.

Anyway, I really had to make an effort at it. Like you, if I had an appointment etc, I could get there. But if it was just up to me... not so much. So I planned something for each day. I even divided up grocery items and bought them different days so I'd have to go back out to the store. I walked the dog. I met friends for lunch or coffee. I went to the book store, the movies (yes, alone). I went to the gym. I got a pedicure.

I would actually start to get a little anxious if I had a day in my week ahead with no "outing" scheduled, lol.

This helped me so much, and when I sort of re-descended into depression recently I realized that I had gotten away from this daily outing regimen. As soon as I put it back in place, I felt better. More connected, less numb. Like I was living again, rather than just existing in my dark little patch of the planet.

I know its hard, sooo hard sometimes, to find the motivation. Just trust that the reward after will be worth it. You won't come home after whatever you've done and say, "I wish I hadn't done that." You'll feel better, and as you gain momentum it will get easier.

If you lived close to me, I'd say let's meet and walk our doggies!

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