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Some people are just nice

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wannabenormal posted 9/25/2013 22:37 PM

My DD plays basketball at school.

Last 2 yrs, we had an icky coach. He was nice enough, but wasn't a great coach.

3 yrs ago, there was a dad from school who coached with his wife co-coaching. Their DD and mine played for years together. Me and the other mom ended up getting close.

Well, with them having 3 kids, the couple ended up dropping out of coaching. I get that.

Well, I guess because it's our daughters' last year at this school, good coach dad stepped up to coach again. I personally was glad because the girls have a chance now of winning and stuff. Blah blah. I know sports are supposed to be fun and who cares who wins or loses?!

Get parents care! LOL!

So I'm all excited about super dad coach AND I got along real well with his wife too, so like it's GOING to be a great season, right?!

(important side note: I bitch about XH, but he's not a horrible dad. He actually asked good coach if he could help out this year).

You know what super coach dad did? He actually emailed ME first and said, "Wanna, would you have any opposition to Mr. X-Wanna helping me coach this season?".

I'm not exactly sure why he asked because XH and I have never, ever showed ass at games (but another D'd couple did, like BAAADDD last winter, LOL!) but I thought it was so nice of him to ask!

So I said, "No, of course not!! I have no problem with Mr. X-Wanna helping out".

There was a post about people judging earlier. This couple, especially the mom, went through all this with me (it was happening at the time, like I couldn't avoid talking about it).

I thought it was really just so nice of 'them' to ask if *I* would be okay with this.

So yes, some people are just nice and considerate! Yay!

dmari posted 9/25/2013 22:58 PM

Yes ~ after all the shit we've been through, it is so nice to know there are still nice people out there! That was very considerate of good-coach dad.

sunsetslost posted 9/25/2013 22:59 PM

So happy to hear. It's hard to see the good in people after what we've been through. I chose to become a better person. Not that I was too far away from awesome to begin with

I see the good in people all the time and I try to spread good cheer. On the phone, with customers, at the grocery store. No matter how down I feel to put on a brave face and say "I'm doing well, thank you. How are you today!" is an instant mood elevator. It's ok to smile and wave. It feels good. Most of us humans are good folks

Wishes for a great season.

(((wannabe normal))

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