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Letters from nieghbors?

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Gr8Panoz posted 9/25/2013 23:08 PM

I included this in my post Rough Week Ahead detailing the week I'm having with my WW. The question is this.

I just learned my wife asked my neighbor, a friend of her moms to write a letter which would show me to be an unfit parent. They declined as I've already talked to them about staying out of it. They wouldn't have had anything bad to say anyways according to them.
Would a lawyer recommend this? Would any negative letters have an impact at a custody trial? I still can't figure if shes got a lawyer in this yet. I saw some articles about support letters in a custody trial, but they were mainly referring to supporting a person not slandering them.

Any advice?

Nature_Girl posted 9/25/2013 23:49 PM

During the custody evaluation I had several people write letters supporting me & my wonderful parenting abilities. A few people went on to put in their 2-cents about STBX, too. I didn't ask them, they did it on their own.

5454real posted 9/25/2013 23:59 PM

Custody battles are ugly bitter things. That said, I had 3 neighbors come to court and testify about things they had witnessed during my M. Originally, they had written *support* letters.

XW wanted to challenge their stories so I had to subpoena them to verify their letters. Didn't turn out well for her. Canvass your neighbors. Find out who will support you and have them deposed.

Did I mention that custody battles get ugly?


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