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Hanging out with friend who cheated on his partner

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mamak posted 9/25/2013 23:37 PM

Well.... MIL's cancer has spread and WH is headed back to take care of her for the next two weeks. I have no problem with this and if he hadn't mentioned going I would have insisted.

My problem is that one of his friends cheated on his girl (they have been together forever and have kids together) with a much younger girl and runs a bar. I do not want WH hanging out with him. I don't need that worry in my life regardless of WH's "barriers". I don't need this guy shoving girls at my husband to help him feel better (his friend knows that he cheated btw).

I asked WH to please not go to this friends bar while he is there. Is this out of line?

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Neznayou posted 9/25/2013 23:49 PM

The "friend" is not a friend of the relationship if he actively cheats, encourages or even condones cheating. I suggest outlining the reasons why hanging out at this friend's bar is unacceptable and avoid simply stating a demand.

Lostinthismess posted 9/25/2013 23:53 PM

Not at all out of line. He should have no problem saying that he has no problem with it either. If he does, then I would be concerned.

heforgotme posted 9/26/2013 09:47 AM

I don't think you are out of line at all. We make it a point to avoid unremorseful waywards, even those who are family.

To me the point is not that WH might in some way be "tempted", but that by being friends with these people we would be indirectly condoning infidelity.

SorrowBhindSmile posted 9/26/2013 10:18 AM

Absolutely positively not, its not out of line at all.

Part of healing and R is surrounding yourselves with people that make you feel safe. friends of the marriage. This friend violates that feeling of safety because he is NOT a friend of the marriage. While your WH may have his boundaries in check, this friend may not, and that just creates an environment for fear, doubt & miscommunication of intentions.

Loosing friends and friendships is a sad consequence in the aftermath of an A....but one that has to happen in order for healing to take place.

You are making the right decision. Be sure to communicate your feelings to your WH, and let him know its not a "wifey says no" wrist slap kind of thing.....its all about creating a safe environment for R. if your WH is on the same page, he wont have any problem not hanging out with this friend.

hugs to you.

BW2639 posted 9/26/2013 10:20 AM

NO!!'s not out of line. IMHO , he shouldn't be going to bars at all, much less with a "cheater friend" AND away from you.

BW2639 posted 9/26/2013 10:20 AM

Sorry...double post

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SisterMilkshake posted 9/26/2013 10:34 AM

Even in the best of times, your WH shouldn't be hanging out with people who aren't friends of the marriage. But, to add to that a death (or possible impending death) of a loved one your WH is going to be feeling vulnerable. He needs to be surrounded by strength, not weakness.

So many affairs are triggered with the death of a loved one. My FWH met his predatory OW the year his father died. I also got a diagnosis of cancer a month after FIL's death. Add to that FWH's unresolved FOO issues and it was just a matter of time.

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