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Unused to nice

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ninebark posted 9/26/2013 07:05 AM

So I was actually speechless last night, but for a good reason.

I was talking to BF about why I had to quit taking the same martial arts class as my DS. Two reasons:1- I was getting hurt so I wanted to heal up first, and 2-I couldn't afford the extra $30.00 a month on top of my gym membership (broke single

So he looks at me for a minute and says "if money is the only issue I will pay for it for you. "

I was floored. Then I realized I was so used to being married to a selfish, self absorbed person that I was truly shocked when he offered to pay. I can guarantee you that my ex would have found money to pay for his stuff, but when it came to me he would never offer such things.

Wow is it nice to have someone treat you like this, putting your needs first.

Williesmom posted 9/26/2013 12:00 PM


I had a similar experience earlier this year. It was near time for me to be leaving work, and the man that I'm dating texted me to see where I was.

I couldn't understand why he texted me. His response that he was worried about me floored me.

I'm embarrassed that I didn't recognize simple courtesy and kindness.

nutmegkitty posted 9/26/2013 12:33 PM

I get that, totally.

persevere posted 9/26/2013 23:46 PM

It's a shocker to realize that people who care are willing to help you when you're not used to it. Sounds like a good guy.

NWfleur posted 9/27/2013 00:16 AM

Yes! My SO has planned a couple weekend trips for us, booked the hotel, researched online, etc. I was FLOORED! My ex never, ever took the time to plan anything let alone even call about a dinner reservation! I did it all! So this is a whole new world for me!

foreverempty posted 9/27/2013 03:20 AM

It's good you've found someone like that and can recognise the gesture now.

It's one of my worries as I was always generous like that with ex but she took advantage so much I've kinda promised myself I won't ever do it again.

I went without so much it was unreal!

It's one thing I've promised myself I'll never do again which is a shame, but one of my broken bits!!

Hope he continues to surprise you with generosity and kind gestures.

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