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Happy result from keeping her secret

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sunsetslost posted 9/27/2013 12:23 PM

My STBX hasn't told her boss, co workers or most of her family she is an adulterer. It's gotta be an awkward conversation I would guess. She has no interest in R and we are taking steps to separate. I've never felt much hope for R and therefore didn't see the point in outing her. I'll never see her friends and family again so what's the point? The last hurdle is the house. She has finally agreed to try to buy me out so I can move to the beach. She won't qualify for a refi without a co signer. She told me last night she would talk to her parents. They would likely disown her if they knew what she has done. So by me keeping my mouth shut I may be on the beach by the end of November. And when the stress and strain of maintaining an old house occupies most of her time and money as it did mine she will call me to complain. I will say "I'm sorry. I can't hear you over the steel drums"

NoTriangles posted 9/27/2013 12:58 PM

"I'm sorry. I can't hear you over the steel drums"


5454real posted 9/27/2013 13:16 PM


awesome brother!

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