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post menopausal bleeding

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sheila0304 posted 9/27/2013 16:02 PM

I'm new to my area so I don't have much of a history with this gynecologist.
Dr recommends a D and C because of thickened uterine wall. Is this just what is done? Any thoughts appreciated.

jo2love posted 9/27/2013 16:33 PM

I'm sorry, but I don't have advice. Sending you mojo and good thoughts.

sheila0304 posted 9/27/2013 17:58 PM

Thanks. D and C sounds so barbaric.

okaynow posted 9/27/2013 19:12 PM

Are you on any medication that could increase the thickness of the uterine walls? Make sure your doctor knows about all your meds.

My mom had a couple of D&C's many years ago, though I don't recall the reasons. It was no big deal to her, just a small amount of cramping afterwards.


mchercheur posted 9/27/2013 19:21 PM

Have you had a pelvic sono?
You could have an endometrial biopsy first, before having a D & C.

sheila0304 posted 9/27/2013 21:25 PM

Yes i had the sonogram. Dr gave me the option of the biopsy yet recommended the D and C .
I guess I was hoping this was fairly common yet nobody I know talks about it...I don't either that's why I'm here on an anonymous forum.

purplejacket4 posted 9/27/2013 22:12 PM

Doing the D&C will get ALL the tissue instead of just some with a biopsy. Just make sure he sends the tissue to path.

sheila0304 posted 9/28/2013 11:45 AM

Thanks pj. Yes that's the plan..all the tissue and pathology report.

InnerLight posted 9/28/2013 13:00 PM

I had a D & C but I wish I hadn't bothered. I felt exhausted for a month afterwards because of the effects of the anesthesia. I get wiped out every time I go under general anesthesia. This doesn't happen for everyone I know but it does for me. The fatigue made me feel depressed too.

What is making the lining thicken? If you scrape it out won't it just grow back if the underlying issue isn't addressed?

Is there a lot of post meno bleeding? It's not unusual to spot or have semi mini 'periods' after menopause. Is there a less invasive way to check for pathology? D&C for post meno bleeding seems over medicalizing what is in most cases a normal occurrence.

Every time you go under general anesthesia it kills off brain cells so its wise to do it as little as possible. We need our brain cells post meno especially!

Acupuncturists and Naturopaths have so many less invasive approaches that a regular MD just doesn't know about. This may be a good time to expand your team of health care practitioners to get access to other approaches that are very effective.

kernel posted 9/28/2013 21:33 PM

I think a second opinion from another gynecologist would be a good idea. You aren't comfortable with this option so it makes sense to talk to another doctor for your peace of mind.

Bluebird26 posted 9/29/2013 07:48 AM

My mum had the same issue. She also had a D & C, it seemed to fix the problem.

Hope that helps. Goodluck.

tushnurse posted 9/29/2013 16:00 PM

First off no am8unt of bleeding is normal after menopause.
A D&C is the next step to determine cause. Sometimes its enough to stop it sometimes not. I had one no biggy didn't have general anesthetic, just sedation you know lala land like a colonoscopy, easy shmeezie.

It is very important to figure out what's going on, so that you stay healthy. May resukt in a definitive diagnosis and treatment. Some conditions, cause bleeding until the uterus is removed, others not. But I know for a fact that abnormal bleeding is annoying and worrisome.
Get some answers.

sheila0304 posted 9/29/2013 17:54 PM

Thanks all. I appreciate the feedback.

I'm planning to having a D and C with pathology this week.

solus sto posted 9/29/2013 18:40 PM

Yes, a D&C is one of the the least invasive ways to assess what is going on. And post-menopausal bleeding really does need to be investigated.

It has the advantage, over biopsy, of removing the entire uterine lining.

(In the past, they'd leap to partial or even complete hysterectomy, and still do in some parts of the country; D&C is a relatively conservative approach.)

Good luck!

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