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Twia Insurance makes me so mad

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Wipedout posted 9/29/2013 00:45 AM

Short story. We had hail damage in April. TWIA paid most of the claim, now with the last part of my claim they are undercutting my payment by about $1500. I can appeal - but that requires me to hire an appraiser. I don't have the money for an appraiser. I also had 431 code upgrade on my screened in aluminum patio - and TWIA is trying to put a steel roof on the patio. I'm mad, frustrated, and tired. I'm not sure what to do. Any advice?

Sad in AZ posted 9/29/2013 06:06 AM

If you feel you have been cheated, you can make a complaint to your state's insurance department. Look it up on line and follow the procedures. The insurance company has to respond quickly. Usually within 15 days.

sisoon posted 9/29/2013 13:10 PM

We've complained twice to our state commissioner. In both cases, we received satisfactory checks from the insurance companies before we heard from the commission. In fact, it was as if we had sent the complaints to the companies, and they sent us checks by return mail. (Funny...they ignored our letters until we sent them to the state....)

That's Illinois. Texas may be different.

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