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Feeling down

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mrcpu posted 9/30/2013 17:06 PM

I was watching Weeds at lunch on netflix. Everything was OK until a part where a married woman is having an affair with her husband's friend. (My ww had an affair with my bestfriend).

Watching it didn't bug me much at the time. I didn't really enjoy it but it wasn't killing me.

Then on the way home this afternoon an idiot passing almost killed me in a head on collision. Then a couple of other people almost hit me when I got into town... then my BBQ ran out of fuel and the corn on the cob was rotten. Plus my twenty something son is back in the basement and seems to think it's a f&*(ng vacation.

I'm just really bummed out and I think a big part is what I saw on netflix today.

We are in R but I figured I'd post here.


sisoon posted 9/30/2013 17:28 PM

Yeah, man.

Sometimes the triggers kick you immediately. Sometimes they wait a while and sneak up on you. And some days just plain suck.

Glad you made it home safely.

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