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Year 2 when not in R

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41andthankful posted 10/1/2013 13:38 PM

I often read here on SI for those trying to r, year 2 is very difficult. What is year 2 like for those of you who chose not to stay? At close to 5 months of separation, and 8 since dday I have found some much needed peace. Just curious what to expect. Did your rollercoaster start over once you filed for d? You have to live apart a year before filing here.

Broken1Again posted 10/1/2013 15:26 PM

Maybe you might get more responses from the divorce/separated forum. Most people who hang out here are trying to R...maybe ask a mod to move this.

I can't offer any advice/opinion but glad to hear you're 5 months out and have peace that's definitely promising and not a lifetime of hanging on to the XWS even after they've forgotten all about the BS.

41andthankful posted 10/1/2013 15:36 PM

Thank you. Honestly it would be more peace if he did forget. He really wants to r, but it is a deal breaker for me, at least for now.

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