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Getting Pissed Off Already!

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jackfish posted 10/2/2013 10:21 AM

Jesus Christ I'm getting pissed off over the way cheaters handle the Post D-Day crap with their spouses! Man or Woman, especially the ones in decent marriages, YOU are the ones who cheated, you have created emotional and mental HELL in those you have betrayed, including children! My god, if folks murder, rape, harass, abuse, steal, etc. in all other walks of life, there are criminal consequences. Yet, after cheating and having adulterous affairs, not only are the betrayed people hurt by what they have lost, some of you continue to mentally and emotionally abuse the betrayed because you're too much of a pussy to own up to what you did was WRONG. The only reason you're getting away with it is because in most countries, Affairs/Cheating/Adultery are not a criminal offense, and some of you actually end up with the kids and/or alimony!?!?!? REALLY?!?!? And also, some of you actually do come around, and want to reconcile, and everyone's just supposed to suddenly trust you and forgive you. What a screwed up buncha nutbars!

I have read many stories on SI and other websites that just stun me. Yes, I have my own situation, but some of you betrayed folks are sure being unnecessarily abused. Why isn't this abuse properly handled by the law and or the courts? Why is the victim exposed to so much suffering, psychological damage, etc. while the cheaters are happily fucking away!?

(Sorry for the poor language, but just major venting).

Edit: Sorry, perhaps I should have put this in the General forum.

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Shockleader posted 10/2/2013 11:11 AM

Well said Jackfish! They are fucking monsters bereft of a soul, selfish to the point of insanity, and so FUCKING WEAK!!! True cowards in every regard, complete hypocrites, no honor, and they enjoy watching others suffer. My POS was a master at gaslighting, and using it in front of DD to make me appear a lunatic. She could do this with such ease, no remorse what-so-ever, and dramatics that at the time my DD believed her. You HAVE to be mentally disordered to do this with such ease, convincibility and calculation.

My D process I filed against her is right at a year, and would totally have been done 6 mo ago, but what can you expect from a proven liar??? Not only has she lied with malice and disregard for her family and the other family the whole time, she even now is saying eff you to the court.

She signed the separation documents, but now WILL NOTfulfill the terms. At times it is simply using the wrong forms acting "dumb" when signing over retirement accounts so they won't go through, but now that her 401k is under QDRO to have some of it signed over, she is absolutely not doing it, even in the face of a petition to the court/contempt of court to make it happen.

Stay strong JF, and thanks again for your post.

SI Staff posted 10/2/2013 11:44 AM


rachelc posted 10/2/2013 11:53 AM

selfish to the point of insanity, and so FUCKING WEAK!!! True cowards in every regard, complete hypocrites, no honor,

admitting to this as a former wayward.

Sadly, those who need to see this do not hang out in SI. Most in the WW forum are very humble and realize the devastation they've caused.

I'm so sorry for all this pain.

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jackfish posted 10/2/2013 13:33 PM


Thank you for your comment as a former WW. Appreciated you point of view.

Ya, I knew when I wrote this it wouldn't get read by waywards. It was just a general rant. Like yelling out loud when I'm in my truck, or the like.

I was thinking, I should start a pseudo "Affair" just to try to understand the thoughts and insanity that takes place in the mind. But that would be cruel to the other human being involved in such an experiment. I could have NEVER cheated on my wife, or any future partner, so it's hard to really truly understand the micro details of how one carries on with the deceit, lies, charades, etc. and being ok with hurting so many when in this so called Fog.

NoMorDeceit posted 10/2/2013 13:37 PM

They are fucking monsters bereft of a soul, selfish to the point of insanity, and so FUCKING WEAK!!! True cowards in every regard, complete hypocrites, no honor, and they enjoy watching others suffer

Yup. If you really put all areas of their lives under a microscope you'll see it carries over into everything they do too. They are almost always piss-poor decision makers. Even if they appear successful, it is often because they have convinced/manipulated others into helping them so they look good. But really if you took all the crutches away they couldn't find their way out of a wet paper bag without help and they know it. Selfish weak cowards. Children in grown-up bodies.

velvethammer posted 10/2/2013 15:05 PM

Totally agree and I think it's sick that with regards to marriage and divorce, it's not even an issue in court, at least it's not in my state. They should be held accountable in every state considering they risk everyone for their selfish desires. How many BSs have contracted STDs from a WS? That's risking someone else's physical health and I would go so far to say it's physical abuse especially in cases of AIDS. Carry that over to children - one nutjob for a parent makes the other seemingly steady parent unhealthy and now they're suffering. Child abuse. Affairs are abuse, plain and simple and this culture glamorizes that shit as opposed to holding people accountable for their abusive behavior.

ineedtoleave posted 10/2/2013 15:08 PM

Oh, yes.... After I mentally crashed on D-Day, WH had the nerve to tell me I needed a counselor!

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velvethammer posted 10/2/2013 15:10 PM

ineedtoleave - OMG I got that too! Really? I need a therapist? I didn't fuck my cousin!!!

ineedtoleave posted 10/2/2013 15:25 PM


still2suspicious posted 10/2/2013 17:57 PM


^^^this is how I now see my H. Looking back over the years I can see he always was. Everyone just thought he was calm, easy-going and sweet.

Now I just see he never really had any balls!!

PS: NO ONE has ever had the "S2S is so sweet" first impression!!

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