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I think we're alone now

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JKL Vikings posted 10/2/2013 10:33 AM

Happy 42nd Birthday to singer Tiffany!!!.
For those of you too young to know what I'm talking about lol:
Tiffany was a singer who was HUGE in the late 80s(mall concerts were her thing) and scored her biggest hit with a remake of Tommy James and the Shondells' "I think we're alone now"
Apologies in advance to anyone named Tiffany

SisterMilkshake posted 10/2/2013 10:40 AM

I thought of the song immediately, JKL, when I saw the topic. But, of course, I thought of the Tommy James and the Shondell's original. I was a young teen when this song came out. Loved it! Thought it was soooooo sexy. Whatever that meant to a naive, Catholic school girl who knew nothing about sex.

DD loved Tiffany, though. Had some cassette tapes of hers! DD liked to dress like her, too.

SuperDuperWonderboy posted 10/2/2013 14:32 PM

Clarrissa posted 10/2/2013 17:16 PM

I thought of the original as well. Of course, for the most part I prefer the original version of a song over the remake. There are a few exceptions though.

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SisterMilkshake posted 10/2/2013 17:21 PM

Hilarious, WB. On so many levels. The best being that those young men think they would be able to hold that crowd back if they wanted to mob Tiff.

simplydevastated posted 10/2/2013 19:59 PM

I had her tapes, and I loved that song, both versions.

Sister, I'd rather a girl dress like Tiffany over Miley Cyrus any day

I just watched an episode of What Not To Wear and Tiffany was on it. Apparently, she has her own clothing store. I did not know this.

BrokenRoad posted 10/2/2013 23:25 PM

Also, now I have the earworm.
(dances around)

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