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I Feel Sick

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StillLivin posted 10/2/2013 16:41 PM

I've NEVER had a good opinion of cheaters. I've always shunned them to some extent because I thought they were dirty.
Now that this crap has happened to me in my M, I really really despise actively cheating married folks.
With that said, a man that works in the same building as me came into our office. I was alone. I've thought I caught him checking me out before, but wasn't positive. He was always quick to play it off that he wasn't really looking directly at me.
SO, he comes in, looks around and sees that I am alone, tells me he has been checking me out lately, and starts telling me how I'm a "sharp dresser" and that I really know how to carry myself.
Uhggggg, not only a trigger, but it absolutely disgusted me.
I immediately got defensive and told him he is married and should be giving compliments of this nature to his wife.
He said, "You are married too, right!"
Has anybody after the affair been approached like this from another married person? How did YOU handle it?
I'm still bothered and disgusted and now triggering.
Yes, I am still married for now. I am not my STBXH, and have NO intention of dating or ANYTHING until the D is actually final. I just couldn't break those vows that I made before God, family, and friends. Still don't know how my WH did it.

h0peless posted 10/2/2013 16:44 PM

They say a shark can smell a drop of blood in the water from a quarter of a mile away...

Lovedyoumore posted 10/2/2013 16:46 PM

What in the world? Typical to turn it back on you. You look nice so you are hunting? If it happends again tell your boss he came in and made you uncomfortable. What a creep.

StillLivin posted 10/2/2013 16:50 PM

This shark is playing with fire. I will call his WIFE first, then press sexual harrassment charges second.
But this loser chump has known me AND knows I'm married, AND has seen my huge He man H. Of course he waits until my H is redeployed.
Punk a.. chump mother f..ker.
Crazy thing is, LOL, if I told my H, he would still get jealous of ME and handle it. Now that brought a snicker to my day!

selkiescot posted 10/2/2013 17:12 PM

UGH he is a creep.

topperoff22 posted 10/2/2013 17:19 PM mean how my husband's sister's husband contacted me about two weeks after Dday and started hitting on me online? LIke that? And how he wanted some excitement in his life so we should go mess around and if I wanted to get over WH's A this might help me move on? Yeah...been there and done that.

Honestly? At first I was flattered and honored and a bit intrigued but as we chatted I started to get sick. He's a pig....all his jokes are about sex...he told me he thinks he is a sex addict. It all just made me sick to my stomach. And it still does when I think about it.

WH knows about some of the conversations I had with him, but not all...he says he doesn't want to know. There is a recent one I feel I should share, but I don't want to upset WH anymore than I did by telling him the truth about the details of the conversations. I would NOT have slept with him because married men who move in on another woman, especially if she is married, disgust me.

StillLivin posted 10/2/2013 17:46 PM

I feel sick part II
And he came back for more.
He is now playing like it was an innocent compliment and feeling me out to see if I buy it or I'm still offended.
Kicked him out on office "confidential" business.
Grrrrr, hate this furlough crap with congress and wish the DACs would be back at work already!

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