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I hate not knowing 100% that OW is not pregnant.

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naivewife posted 10/2/2013 21:49 PM

Anyone else? Even though WH tells me he's not concerned because just before d-day, long after the last time they had sex, she got her period. ButI want to KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that she did not get pregnant. I think I'm having a hard time putting it totally to rest because she wanted to get pregnant, and the condoms WH was using were from her own personal giant satchel of condoms. Sadly, she lives an hour away and doesn't have a job so there's no way to stalk her just to verify there's no baby bump. No common friends. Nothing. No way to know.

Lostinthismess posted 10/2/2013 21:56 PM

One of the first things I did was check her stomach in pictures and count the months I'm sorry your thinking of this. But by now she would be due if she was. You would have heard something.

Dreamland posted 10/3/2013 00:31 AM

naive wife... I hear ya.. He says it's impossible because he went with her to take plan B and watched her take it. I think he was there for moral support not because he was afraid of having a kid and getting caught . At that time he thought she was a sweet wonderful person.
Anyway I saw her two months after DDay but I didn't know at that time he had sex but she was chubby but who knows. She looked fatter than normal. I wanted to follow her but By the time I found out she had put a complaint against me and so I wasn't allowed near her place or work or home and my WH said it was stupid to check because he saw her take the pill. I asked if he checked her mouth to verify if she actually took it. He was like " no why.. Of she would take it". He still says he doesn't have any reason to doubt her taking the pill. how stupid is he..
I mean she was born out of an affair. Why would she not do that..
So it's almost two years from when their fun started and I wonder if she has a child. She has fallen off the radar since I last saw her so I really don't know and I can approach her while on probation. But once it's over I will definitely get a PI on it so I can find out the truth.
Maybe that is what you can do.. Hire a PI.

hitbyatruck posted 10/3/2013 06:09 AM

I mean she was born out of an affair. Why would she not do that...

A lot of people do not repeat the mistakes of their parents. (raising hand)

Anyway...I also counted the months.

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