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Note to user "bigger"

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Secrets Kept posted 10/3/2013 11:14 AM

Hello bigger,

I almost put this comment on your thread with "coda" but didnt want to go off topic. I also almost sent you a PM but wanted any newbies out there to read my post as well.

Basically, I just want to send kudos to you about all of your so well worded & absolutely great advice.

I have also been reading along other threads, will find myself really liking a good response & when I look over to who the user was that did the is you.

You dont have your story posted on your profile but I see you have been with SI for quite some time. Sorry for what you went through but please keep giving the great advice on what you learned through your process.

And newbies out there.....take the advice of ALL the "veteran" SI'er's...they have been there & done that so could save ya some pain.

Thank ALL OF YOU for such great help!!!

k94ever posted 10/3/2013 11:39 AM

Yeah.....we really should pay him, but you know how things are.

So instead we just admire him.

He's given great advice to so many.


sudra posted 10/3/2013 11:41 AM

Bigger is a wise dude and has lots of wisdom to share.

He's a real blessing to this site.

SisterMilkshake posted 10/3/2013 12:02 PM

Yep, he is pretty amazing. He was here in JFO welcoming me and other newbies who were stunned and reeling in 2010.

I am very grateful for the veterans that were here to welcome me and continue to welcome the newbies in JFO. I still find it very hard to deal with some of the very raw and fresh pain and can't hang out in JFO much yet still. (Although, I was scared to death to leave the JFO forum when I first arrived at SI and stayed in JFO for a long time.)

Thanks, Bigger, for all you do. I remember you shared your story back in my days of JFO. I had a lot of admiration for how you handled yourself and your situation.

Stronger4it posted 10/3/2013 12:59 PM

Was just thinking the very same thing! I have spent the better part of my morning reading his recent posts.

He strips away the bullshit, and leaves the core of common sense.

Thank You Bigger.

doggiediva posted 10/3/2013 14:46 PM

Count me in as another admirer,,
I also consider Bigger's advice to others solid and wise..
I once sent him a note soliciting advice on how to handle my situation....

[This message edited by doggiediva at 2:50 PM, October 3rd (Thursday)]

still2suspicious posted 10/3/2013 16:49 PM

I LOVE reading bigger's posts!

Very wise, and so calm. (SO unlike me!!)

Bigger posted 10/3/2013 18:50 PM

Aw shucks guys. You make me blush...

On a serious note; Thanks and it undeniably tickles my ego to read the comments above. But even more important is that for us ďold-timerĒ and other posters that contribute here on SI itís nice to get confirmation that what we write makes some sense and possibly helps.

One of SIís best points IMHO is the vast number of regular, experienced contributors. There are several that have been longer than I have and even more that have come since I arrived. I guess if asked most would agree with me that sometimes posting here simply gets too much. It can emotionally drain you and leave you completely blank and empty. Itís a great comfort knowing that although one might take a sabbatical from SI there are enough competent and caring contributors to keep the torch burning. Itís good to know that every time a new betrayed spouse steps into our world there is someone here to welcome them.

So in a semi-corny way I want to turn this thread around a bit and give praise to all the regular contributors here. We might not all agree with each other all the time but our hearts are aligned to the same goal; support, guidance and survival.

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