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omg, the dmv (rant kinda)

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thisissogross posted 10/3/2013 20:50 PM

Actually, it isn't called that anymore, but omg.

moved many states away, misplaced title, my bad. Have been trying since August, AUGUST, to rectify. Tags have expired and I can't register the vehicle here until I have the title, so I've been staying parked except for absolute essentials and going half stircrazy. Got papers back finally, indicating there is still a lien on the car so they won't release title.

Has NOT been a lien on the car since 2008, which the bank was happy to confirm. Also happy to pass that on in any way the f*<¤faces @ the Dmv would accept (electronic, fax) to expedite the process, except the jerks won't hear of anything except me going through their entire ridiculous process (with 8 weeks wait and snail mail in this day and age) AGAIN. In spite of this being THEIR fairly obvious and monumental f-up. We specifically asked whether we were supposed to have registered somehow someway when we finished paying the loan and received the clear title. Absolutely not was the answer from both sources.

This is jacked beyond belief. We moved specifically so I could be closer to my aging (he's fortunately healthy but getting no younger) father. Who is my only living parent. It's now been two months since I made the trip to see him. Because I was trying to be a law abiding citizen and not drive over half a state with expired tags.

Well, now, I'm an outlaw-a rebel. I'm done dude. FINISHED. I'm going up to see my dad Tuesday and if I get a ticket, I guess I get a ticket. And, when I go back to the state with the miserably incompetent and RUDE dmv I will contrive of some vengeance that hopefully won't get me 5150'd. Heard a comedian mention mailing some jerks pictures of cows having sex everyday, because it isn't illegal. Not sounding too bad at this point.

I'm just disgusted at the fact that it's incompetence and oversight topped with sob inducing rudeness in the face of my more than reasonable frustration. I know it's stupid to lose your title but god it must happen all the time! I've ceased to believe I'm dealing with human beings.

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jrc1963 posted 10/4/2013 07:10 AM

I'm sorry...

I like the cows having sex pictures tho...

NaiveAgain posted 10/4/2013 08:04 AM

I'm sorry, it is SOOOOOO frustrating dealing with this kind of stuff. They have "rules" and if you need any kind of individual type of help no one can help you. The chain of command in most of these places goes so far out that it is impossible to talk to anyone that can actually do anything for you.

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