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Punched in the Gut

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Phoenix1 posted 10/4/2013 17:05 PM

At least that is what it feels like! I have been doing so well with NC and trying to reach indifference, and I have been anxiously awaiting our dissolution hearing on October 19th. However, a well meaning friend (and we all know how disastrous that can be) that lives in the area where POS lives was "kind" enough to find out not only where he is living (POS wouldn't tell me) but also sent some pictures for verification that it was him. In those pics, POS, OW#3, and OC#2 are happily taking a walk (OC in stroller) as a nice little family. So, the answer of where OW#3 moved to is now solved. Apparently, when POS secretly came back to my state in July to get his vehicle and trailer of possessions, he also picked up his new family to take back with him.

Yes, I know the glitter will wear off, but DAMN those pics really hurt. In one of them he has his hand on her butt as they are walking! (It's a rear shot.)

Obviously the coward has been waiting for his "out" from our M, and I gave it to him when I told him not to bother coming back after he ran away in March. Hope he is going to be happy with OC being teased about him being called his/her grandpa instead of his dad!

How can these lowlifes just throw their families away like yesterday's trash and start all over again?? I know, I know, it is there NPD in many cases. He NEEDS this to make him feel young and "special." Whatever. He gets to start over with a new family and I am pushing 50 with being alone on my horizon. Yes, I would rather be alone than be living with that hell, but still...

Just a very rough day after months of doing so well. This whore is NOT better than me, and this POS lost the best thing that has ever happened to him! I hope his life implodes just as our M did, and he suffers a horrific life! AAArrrggghhhh! Just sad, sad, sad...first time I've cried since finding out about OC in August, the day after our 22nd anniversary...

[This message edited by Phoenix1 at 5:06 PM, October 4th (Friday)]

Holly-Isis posted 10/4/2013 17:13 PM

OW#3, and OC#2


They may be playing family...but they're numbered. Based on his cowardly behavior, he hasn't changed or faced his issues.

My guess is there will be a #4 and beyond. Maybe even an OC #3...or if karma hits him 3&4 as twins.

Phoenix1 posted 10/4/2013 17:28 PM

I also found out that he is working a second job that he didn't admit to in the dissolution paperwork for CS purposes. I am not going to rock the boat until AFTER the hearing as I do not want any continuances, but that hearing is on a Saturday, and Monday morning I am going to the CSE office to file to have them take over and verify his second job.

Since I found out that he is calling me the "miserable c*nt" to any of his friends that will listen, I figure I might as well live up to the title...

Rat bastard...he cheats over 20 years, fathers two other kids, and has the nerve to call ME a "miserable c*nt" for being angry about the whole thing!

I am not sure how this works, but I am both incredibly sad and ultra pissed off at the same time!

Holly-Isis posted 10/4/2013 17:52 PM

Well, if a happy c-word is a female that willingly screws a MM and tear up a family then I'd happily wear the title of a miserable one. It shows you have discernment.

phmh posted 10/4/2013 18:00 PM


Someday you will truly realize how much better off without him.

In one of them he has his hand on her butt as they are walking!

Stay classy, XWH. What an insecure loser with the PDA like that. I know it's hard to see now, and I know you're hurting, but someday soon you will find much happiness and be grateful you're not with such a trashy loser.

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